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Trainer Certificates

Wanna get somethin other than an ACE Certificate as a Personal Trainer. Anyone know/think what’s the best certificate to get?

You might have more success getting an answer over in Strength Sports. We’re all just homebody iron-pushers with hairy ears over here…

Send me 50 bucks and I’ll give you the “Old Lardass Skool of Wate Lifting” certificate…

In all seriousness, check out the National Association of Strength Coaches. They are the only one that I would be interested in…

Thanks for the replies.

The National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) is a good certification.

Another is the National Gym Association (NGA).

I am a NFTP Certified Personal Trainer. I am also a NGA Certified Personal Trainer and a NGA Master Fitness Trainer.

My certifications are well respected at the Birmingham, Alabama YMCA, where I am a full-time Personal Trainer.

I am the NGA Chairman for the State of Alabama and as such, can offer candidates the NGA Personal Trainer Certification Course for $300, a savings of $50 off the NGA web site price. PM me if up are interested or email me at oldnavycapt@aol.com and I will answer your questions.

Regards, Old Navy

The best certification to get is the one your gym will accept. If you want to be a Personal Trainer, (assumption) I recommend you go to the gyms or Sports Clubs you are considering working for and ask what certifications they take. Some take ACE only, others NASM, some take ISSA, some SMART, not to mention all the ones mentioned by Old Navy.