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Trainer at Gym Wants to Get Gay


So I was out in downtown Boston on Friday night, at this place called Mcfadden's. The people I was with decided they wanted to go to a place across the street called Kitty O'Shea's. I said that sounds like the type of name that is usually followed by" .....gives 5 people hepatitis in one night". Regardless we all go.

So I walk in, and it looks fairly seedy. We head out to the dance floor and this guy walks up to me, shakes my hand, won't let it go and says "It is SO good to see you here. You are SO hot". I didn't really know what to say, he was talking like he knew me, and as I was buzzed at this point my facial recognition wasn't great. I wrenched my hand free, thanked him, and walked off. The next morning I realized he is either the twin of, or actually WAS this trainer at my gym. The weird thing is, I haven't seen the trainer all week now. How can I find out if it was him or not? He's a nice enough guy, it's just..ya know...I'm straight.

I mean, I'm used to getting hit on, I'm really good looking and I have this air of sexual power and mastery about me. It's just awkward because I was friendly with the guy at my gym, and I don't want it to be weird when I go there to work out.


seriously.... your life is really full of drama, if it isn't women you do or don't want, now it is gay or maybe not gay guys.

sucks to be such a sexual magnet I suppose.




Next time you see him, give him a grapefruit.


life is just such a burden


Stole the zoolander reference


I was hit on by a gay dude once. I never get hit on, so it was flattering; I actually blushed. He told me he thought it was cute, then left me alone.

Anyway, that's the only time I can remember being hit on, other than that one drunk girl that kept telling me how nice my teeth were. I saw her the next day when she was hungover and she told me she didn't want to talk to me ever - so I guess that one doesn't count.

My advice OP is to be friends with this guy, and take him out to a club. Chicks dig gay dudes, so it will be like flies to honey. Like shooting fish in a barrel my friend.


Your posts are delayed dude. Who did you piss off?


well there's your problem.


Be easier to list who I haven't pissed off!


Just take him in the ass and shut up already.


I hope this was sarcasm, but I don't think it was.


Its definately sarcasm. Refer to his "possibly the worst date I've ever been on" thread... I don't think he's seriously claiming "sexual power and mastery"



He should gobble on something, then he'll shut up for a while.


Come on AccipiterQ.

Just admit it to yourself. You're gay. Seriously. Get it over with. Your profile pics are on the gay side.

Either that or you have a great sense of humor and just love yanking our chains.


Is this guy for real or is it a joke? He is really good looking? Mass. must be a rough looking place.