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Trainer Allowed Me to Do 1 D-bol Cycle at 17. Risks?

First of all, im going to start by saying that i have done my research. I am aware about all the negative effects that will come with the positive (really scared with the gynocomastia problem)

-I am a 17 year old asian male with 173cm height, 64.5 kg, 9.6-10% bf (an ecto-meso) and 19-20 FFMI (trying to get to 22 before 18). And im quite happy with my height since jeremy buendia is also 173 :smiley:

-I have been going to the gym for 2 months, have been doing home workouts before for ~2 years. And i have a personal trainer to prevent wrong techniques or injuries.

-I have general knowledge about dieting and workout plans since ive been doing nothing in my free time other than studying about them for the past 1 year since its been my goal to become huge and win a competition.

-I eat ~ 2500 cal (50% carbs 20%fat 30% protein)

The thing is, my trainer(who used to take PED) allowed to do ONLY 1 d-bol cycle to get a jump start and told me to commit to it to prevent permanent damage to my body (I’m ready to face the fact that i will be weaker once i stop doing my cycle and i am pretty sure it wont stop me from going back to the gym).

I’ve been researching about it but theres a few info about teens taking d-bols since most of the people in the forums said that it will do permanent damage to the body, but some are saying that if i dont take it at a long term its still fine. What kind of permanent damage will it actually do to my body other than liver damage and high blood pressure since the testicle will return back after a post cycle treatment. How about my hormones and growth?

Sorry for my spelling/grammar mistakes since english is not my first languange :frowning:

For the love of God -please don’t take any dianabol


are you Malaysian/Singaporean by any chance lol @jeffmckay

First of all , your trainer is a stupid fucktard for advocating the use of steroids. Get rid of him.

Secondly As a teen newb you will get some nice juicy gains wihout steroids, your in your prime time for growth. Train for 10+ Years, educate yourself as much as possible and then maybe consider the use of steroids if thats what you really desire. For now just eat alot of good food, train hard// focus on progressive overload and proper form and enjoy the gains.

Also read this article


Close to both of them lol

Thx for the reply! thats the thing that im thinking about. The “newbie gains” since its been only ~2 months and its still too early i think. But if i just do only 1 dbol cycle then consume liver supplements after stopping the cycle, Will it do any damage to me since im not planning to abuse it at all and i will take the safest way to take it ?

about the proper form and eat a lot of good food, ive been doing it and the results are quite impressive since i gained ~4-6kgs (not sure where i started) and still preserving a <10% bf, but i still want to get even more gains since i started as a skinny weak kid and i want to have a jump start.

I just read some of the article when i wake up, planning to finish it when im at school since its a quite long article but really useful :smiley:

Well done on gaining some weight so far. You shouldnt be worried about steroids especially after only two months of training. Heck iv only trained for 1.2 years and as a teen myself, i know it isnt right to take steroids at this point. It will mess up my natural hormones, height etc amongst other things. The safest way for you to not do any damage to yourself is to not take steroids at all. You’ve gained 4-6 kg in two months which is great considering you started off skinny, the gains will keep on coming for the next couple of years as long as you have things dialled in decently and theres no need to take steroids even if you stall , whether thats one momth, three months or thirty months (which will mean you need to probably either get a better program, eat more/or better, or just accept that in the future gains will be alot slower after you have trained for a while.)

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@duketheslaya you have no business posting or even reading in the steroid forum, even given the fact that I mostly agree with what you said in these posts. What are you even doing here? Get your head out of your ass, man. Seriously, don’t even click on this forum again. It’s not a good idea for you, I promise.

EDIT: I’ll also reiterate what I said in a different thread about guys like you and Hugh giving advice. Just stop it. It makes zero sense, you’re not in a position to be giving anyone advice, including young guys and new lifters. It benefits nobody.


idk why but tons of trainers Malaysian/Singapore/Thailand/Vietnam/Philipines i assume u are from one of them? They recommend their “clients” including young teens to do like oral cycles since genrally kids are afraid of pinning…its crazy lol

This is uncalled for, i actually want to help people… i dont post shit to be a know it all?

if Iv given advice that is crap then anyone can feel free to quote it and show me. Id be happy with that. Thats not the point anyway? Its the fact that “im not in a position”. If i give good advice then wby cant i continue doing it?, yea i probably shouldnt have posted in this forum but i never do, i just dont want a teenager like myself getting on a roid cycle or doing dumb shit. And Theres more people then me and hugh that gives out advice that “dont fall into the position”