Trainee Type Survey Results

Last year, J.B. listed 4 “types” of trainees he sees (in decreasing order of frequency). I decided to do a sort of “unofficial” survey to see where the Forum Community stood. It goes without saying that 1) This was a very limited survey. 2) It is not “scientific” and 3) the pool of respondents was small.

With that said, I still found some results interesting and wanted to share them with you.

Out of 43 Total Responses:

  1. Those who gain neither fat NOR muscle easily. (6 or 14%)

  2. Those who gain more FAT than muscle. (11 or 26%)

  3. Those who gain both fat AND muscle easily. (17 or 40%. I really didn’t think that this was going to be the largest category. Since I tend to gain more fat than muscle, I sort of thought that the majority would be here. Lesson learned!)

  4. Those who gain more muscle than fat. (I think J.B. was here. 1 or 2%).

    Additional Responses:

    1)In a category that J.B. didn’t even list, 3 people (or 7%) varied among body parts! (That was interesting).

    2)1 changed category as they got older. (This was also interesting. I think that this will occur both in a negative OR positive direction, depending on lifestyle changes, and whether or not these changes are for the better or for the worse).

    3)1 was “mixed” (2/3). (I think that there may be a few more like this).

    4)1 was unclear.

    5)1 was the inevitable, and ever present, “flame”.

    So…as always…your thoughts are welcome as we all continue to learn.

    Peace. Mufasa.

Mufasa - Thank you for this summary. Another worthwhile addition to the board.

Mufasa, thanks for performing this survey and tabulating the results. This was pretty interesting stuff, indeed.

Yup. You da man!

Yeah good stuff man. This is the type of ideas that make this forum great. :slight_smile:

Add 1 to the ‘more fat than muscle’ category. Sorry for missing the survey.