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Trainee or Other Program?


Hi, I'm not new to T-Nation, but new to the forum since I'm a bit lost of where I should be in my training.

I been training for 5 years now. I started at 14, so I'm now 19.

As I read the articles, i see some authors saying Trainees. Am I a trainee? I read a lot and did not stop to train since I began.

I read this article and want to start a program like this: http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=460458

Will it be good for me to get some mass? At the beginning, the author says a trainee must not overload his nervous system and the program is made for a trainee. I was wondering what changes or what program should i get to increase mass?

I've been trying a bit of everything. I know there's no magical formulas, but I want to know the program that worked for you, I might try it.

I Don't know if this is important: I'm 5'5'' and 150Pounds.

Thank you very much for reading and replying to this topic!
I'm beginning to be confused with everyones sayings.


I always thought trainee just means "someone who is training." You may be thinking of newbie... And if you've been training steadily for 5 years, I'd want to say you're not, but 150 pounds is pretty light.

That program looks fine, obviously because it's a published article so the author knows a bit about working out. To put on mass, lift hard on that program, or another program, and EAT! Eat a lot more than you are eating now. If you are not gaining weight, you are not eating enough.


Thanks for reply. That's what I thought. Trainee sounds like newbie to me, but as every article mean it, I started thinking "Someone who trains"

For the rest, I know 150 is pretty Light. At 14 Years/old, you don't start training as hard as 18 with a mass plan and diet plan.. I started by knowing the muscles, the machines and how to put everything togheter to get some knowledge. I didn't really start counting my calories yet, nor made a diet plan to gain mass. I watch what I eat and go with what I can do. I just moved to an appartement 1 week ago so I can now make my own food and choose whatever I want to eat. It's time for the mass and diet plan. Also, I didn't do some mass for 5 years. I lost fat, did some cardio. I tryed a bit of everything. At 5'5", I can't be really more than 180 since I'll be looking as the white Michelin.

I'm still waiting for answers and want to see your plans and what worked for you guyz :wink:

Again, Thanks for reading and replying.


150 lbs is light, but not exactly as bad as it seems, since you're 5'5".

As said above, a 'trainee' is 'one who trains'.

If you get the program from T-Nation, it's solid. Do it, and as said above, eat. Intense training and enough food = muscle growth.