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Train Your Brain!


It seems like a really cool site. I’ll go ahead and start training.

I scored 50/74 with the brain reflex test… Hopefully, I’ll reach atleast 58 in my lifetime.

we were talking about this stuff in psych class yesterday

basically theres this huge “brain improvement” fad.

i even said yea, all you have to do is take any word and put “brain” infront of it…and whaddaya know

although it is true that the more you challenge your brain the more it improves.

logic puzzles, math, learning a new language, crossword puzzles, stuff that makes you think differently does have a positive impact.

The quickest I’ve ever gotten with the brain reflection test was .235 seconds.

It usually averages from .266 to .320…

haha thanks a lot i just subscribed im gonna try some of this stuff out…this is actually something ive been looking for, and now ive found it. thanks again

wow this is so addicting. do you know if this stuff actually does increase intelligence and neurological function? i literally felt my brain get tired after playing penguin pursuit haha, the swirling boggled my mind.

thanks for the link op.

Is this accurate at all? I scored on 49 on the reflex test my first try and then 116 on my second try. That doesn’t seem right.

OP, if I get fired will you get me a job … cuz if I get fired I’m blaming you…

i have a game like that on my cell phone. i use it when i’m pooping.

it’s a pretty good idea. i like to think that it helps me counterbalance sitting on my ass and doing mindless work 40-50hrs a week.

“like to think” being the operative words.

Nice, I got .297 the most on the reflex test so that must be my normal level. Time to work that sucker down.


[quote]polo77j wrote:
OP, if I get fired will you get me a job … cuz if I get fired I’m blaming you…[/quote]

??? I don’t get it. Why would you blame me?

And what the heck does “OP” stands for?

lol … I’m busting your balls, man!!

and OP = Original Poster just like OG = Original Gangsta or OctoberGirl.

Just like FTW = for the win (it took my a bit of thinking to originally get that)

ttly pwnd!

I’m blaming my shitty score on my POS mouse.
frustrating as hell.

edit: the other stuff is fun though.

I can’t get past level 8 with the memory test.

[quote]TYPE2B wrote:
I can’t get past level 8 with the memory test.[/quote]

which memory test one?

…this is far too addicting haha…

I average .211-220 on the reflection test, best being 205. 20 on the math game.

haha i agree that these games are really addicting! don’t know how much it actually helps the brain, but it’s still fun lol

Lowest time I’ve ever had with the memory game was 1:43 minute.

Correction: 1:29 minutes. I just beat it! This is fun!

I’ve improved again. For the memory game, I now managed 1:22 minute.

For the brain reflection, I’ve gotten as low as .234 seconds. That is .001 quicker than my previous record!