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Train When Tired/Sore or Wait?


I’m a 56 y/o lifter who is frequently tired. I work back to back 24 hr EMS shifts and work out on days off. But on days off I also have to do chores and I try to throw in some cardio. Question is: when I’m tired and sore from previous day of workout, chores and cardio, should I do my leg workout the next day or wait? My legs feel dead and shoulders and back are sore too.:cold_sweat:


I work in a similar field, but with 12 hour shifts. Like you I mostly train on my days off. I always feel rest is a good thing. If you feel the need to train, perhaps train another body part. Just my two cents…


What does your “leg workout” look like?
What about your “cardio?”

How long have you been using this setup?

Maybe you could take a different approach to your sessions for awhile, sort of stressing conditioning, to combine legs and cardio.

I’ve been dragging the sled lately. At first I thought it would be sort of like cardio. It’s really more like doing a bunch of calf raises, lunges, leg extension, pull thru’s and rows all at the same time, for like 40 reps at a time.

I’ve really been enjoying it.


Actually I’ve kept my leg routine pretty simple. I work 2 x 24 hr shifts, then off 48. My leg routine I use is pyramid. I use front squats for quads, leg curls for hams, and standing bb raises for calves. Had hernia surgery in January. Last may had torn meniscus repaired in right knee also.
My cardio is walking with 2 minute jogs thrown in every 3-4 min. Only go 2-3 miles. I’m a hard gainer anyway used to be a long distance runner years ago. Was 135 lbs back then, now weigh 195. Thanks to everyone for their advice.


I think a key question is whether the soreness is “joint” soreness or “muscle” soreness.

Muscle soreness is the sort of thing that works itself out during warmups, and probably can be trained through.

Joint soreness is a warning sign that maybe you should take it easier that day.