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Train Un-injured Arm


My left shoulder is hurt and I'm gonna have a MRI done soon. I still continue to train my Ab's and lower body but stop training my upper body for some weeks now. I remember reading somewhere that maintaining strength on the non-injured limb/side of your body actually had a carryover effect to the injured limb. Does anyone else remember reading this? Because I want to start training my right arm again if there a carryover.


I remember this. Its a neurological phenomenon, though I forget what its called.

Train your non injured arm (in this case your right arm). You'll not only help preserve its size, but you may help offset strength loss from your injured side.

In the mean time, I'll try to look up what this phenomenon is actually called.


Common sense says no, but who knows, maybe. The body is capable of strange things. Depends on if you mean you are going to do both sides at a reduced weight or if you are only going to use one side.


I only wanna workout my healthy right arm for now.


Thank you for asking this question TS. I dislocated my left shoulder a few months ago and I just had my MRI. I go to my ortho on the 31st to get the results. Injured or not I still do whatever it allows me without risking further harm. Mainly I really want to keep my legs fresh and hold off on pushing the left until I know the seriousness of it.


I'm skeptical. Would it not create/worsen an imbalance between the muscles?


I'm skeptical. Would it not create/worsen an imbalance between the muscles?


I'm taking it easy on my left injured arm for now but I don't want to lose strength.


I also have messed up my left shoulder, possibly rotator cuff. I have stopped doing chest, back, and shoulder work. I have lost weight and muscle mass. I would think just working out my right arm would cause an imbalance.


this is a real effect called "cross education", so by only training your uninjured arm you can help retain strength or at least attenuate strength loss in the injured arm, it does nothing for size though