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Train Twice a Day - Type 1

Since I have been using a lower carb (as you recommended for type 1) approach 20 C / 35 P / 45 F
I got a lot more energy the hole day.

I train in the morning 6 days and i am happy when i have completed the session but after my job in the evening i got the feeling that i could do an additional session.

Are there any options to use my energy. For example an other session in the gym with different bodyparts (heavy) or bodyweight pump work for the muscels i trained earlier that day?

Type 1A and 1B are those who can do the best on two sessions per day.

BUT they can’t do a lot of volume. So these two sessions need to be:

Type 1A: 35-40 minutes (not including warm-ups)
Type 1B: 45-60 minutes for the first one and 35-40 min for the second one

This is the LONGEST the sessions can be.

A Type 1A is NOT naturally explosive, he is stronger than fast , cannot multi-task and doesn’t have a great memory (names, phone numbers, etc.) and he is very vocal and like to be the center of a conversation

A Type 1B is naturally fast and explosive, can normally multi-task and have good memory. He is the one who has the most natural skills (learn new skills easily).

If you do two sessions per day you should train the same muscles in both sessions. But the second session is less intense.

For type 1A both sessions should rely on big compound movements. In the first session I like to use full range big compound lifts and in the second we use either partial lifts, isometrics or very heavy prowler/farmers walk work.

For type 1B the second session should being explosive work with a small amount of pump work