Train Too Early = No Mass Gain?

That title was probably confusing… Anyways, I have a question, and it’s probably a dumb one but I don’t really know the answer. I workout on my split on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. They are all at 5 in the morning so just wondering, does working out too early deprive your body of anything or what?

Nope. In fact I like to remember that your body processes carbs best in the morning, and that the carbs you take right after a workout are all going to your muscles’ glycogen stores–so remember to get your PWD!

Where do you workout that opens at 5? The gyms around here(Atl.) don’t open until 5:30.

It will depend on the amount of rest you get. If you go to bed at 0800pm then in the long run it will be ok, if not I would advise you to get some naps or work out later.

As long as you are eating before I think it would be beneficial to train early. You get more meals in afterwards and this has always meant for me better recovery time.

You are actually at your strongest 1hr after waking up and something like 8hrs later (I may have the second part wrong, I don’t recall the exact time that the study I read stated).

I worked out at 5am every day for 4yrs and I was fine man. The worst part is hitting the alarm clock at 4:30am!

There are many differing opinions on the subject, but the good news is your body and nervous system will adapt to any consistent training time, provided you follow the above poster’s advice on adequate rest and proper nutrition.

So to answer someones question, I’m in Nebraska and yes, it opens at 5. I try to train before school, and if I’m not up to it, I usually just do it right after school. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t oatmeal a slow burning carb, so if I take it (like I already do) before I train, I’ll be fine? With a whey protien shake maybe?

I wouldn’t eat just oatmeal for breakfast, maybe mix it up sometimes with eggs, or a combination between the two. You should probably take the Whey in a waterbottle to school and drink it during your first period class.

My gym opens at “5”, but it is usually unlocked by the front desk guy at 4:30 so he can train. I’ve been lifting before 7 AM for YEARS and I very, very much prefer to train early. I feel like my body is at its freshest and the stress/strains of my workday won’t weaken me for the afternoon/evening workouts.

Just make sure you sleep at least 7 hours each night. Not easy if you’re a college student, so nap once or twice per day if you can.

For pre-workout nutrition, I just get up 30 minutes before my workout and have Surge during and after my workout. My body doesn’t have to waste too much calories digesting solid food during my workout, so you might want to get some liquid calories in rather than oatmeal. Save that for later in the day.

I only eat oatmeal before my workout. Afterwards I have more, like toast, eggs, etc. What would you recommend for some liquid calories? Milk?

I have read that you have to be careful deadlifting first thing in the morning. I think it had to do with placing the spine under stress after lying down for so long. I wish I had a link or reference. Not a huge deal, all you had to do was some dynamic stretches and proper warm ups first. Any of you early lifters know what I am talking about?

The body produces the highest amount of testosterone in the morning, period. It’s more than perfectly okay to train in the mornings, any remarks that go against that are typically uneducated and baseless.

What part of NE are you in?

I’m in the western part of Nebraska, and yourself? I’d suppose your eastern? Somewhere by Omaha or Lincoln?

Haha, yeah, near Lincoln. Was gonna invite you to some PL stuff with us.

[quote]flipHKD_6 wrote:
I only eat oatmeal before my workout. Afterwards I have more, like toast, eggs, etc. What would you recommend for some liquid calories? Milk? [/quote]

Surge is good. This website sells it, click on the “Store” link right under the T-Magnum logo. If you go that route, I recommend you do the most nauseous exercises like squats and deadlifts first thing so your stomach doesn’t rebel if you do them later.