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Train Surfing?



I bet you he gets all the hot wimins with his daring doo lol.

My friends and I used to jump trains but never anything like that.


Looks fun


And how many "fucks" do you think were given that day?

By my calculations, I'm going with "not a single fucking one"


This is pretty cool. The back story turned out to be fake - he didn't have cancer and is very much alive - but the balls you would need to pull something like this off is almost incomprehensible...


What the fuck else are they gonna do there?


Good to see they're holding on tight...


Darwin on you tube.


They do it in SA too:


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I'll say. I used to live by a busy commuter train yard and we'd often hitch a ride from one end to the other on a slow passing train. It was a little faster than walking. All was cool until someone lost his footing and went under the train, electrocuted and ran over. Glad I didn't see it first-hand. We never did it again.


Was anybody else waiting for them to get absolutely demolished by a tunnel, close pillar, or oncoming train?


No but on a side note, one of the guys that used to jump with us, his brother was killed by a train walking home from a party drunk a few years later.


I was hoping one of them would do a flagpole thing (IDK what they're called - when you hold onto a pole and hold yourself out parallel to the ground) so that it looked like they were flapping in the wind. Shit, they were skinny enough that they would flap around in the wind! haha

What nutjobs, lol.


He has a four years old daughter. I'm sure she's very proud of her daddy.



Was that in Mississauga or Burlington? I remember a couple GTA instances of people walking home drunk and getting hit by a train...