Train On Weekends Only

due to certain circumstance i’ll only be able to get to the gym on the weekends (and sometimes friday night as well)

Here is an outline for my program, my goal is the work my muscles as much as possible, making them very sore and letting them recover during the weekdays. Any advice and criticism well be much appreciated:

DAY 1:
A. Deadlift: 6 x 3 (each set perform 3 reps, rest 10s then do one more)

B. Benchpress: 6 x 4, TEMPO:41X, (perform 1 or 2 drop sets and the end of the set, tempo: 20X)

C. Standing Military press: 4 x 6, TEMPO: 30X

D1. Seated Cable Row: 5 x 6, TEMPO: 31X

DAY 2:
A. Front Squats: 6 x 4, TEMPO: 30X

B. Weighted chinups (neutral grip) 6 x 4, TEMPO: 31X
OR Widegrip chinups

C1. Incline benchpress: 4 x 6, TEMPO: 31X
C2. Dumbell hammer curls: 4 x 5

D1. Bent-over laterel raise (dumbell or cable if possible): 4 x 8
D2. Overhead dumbell shrugs: 4 x 6

DAY 3:
A. Bent-over Barbell Row: 5x6, TEMPO: 31X

B. Hang Clean and Press: 5 x 5 (use and focus on using mostly arms)

C1. Decline barbell tricep extentions (5 x 6)
C2. Decline Dumbell benchpress (5 x 5)
(perform C1, rest 10s then do C2)
C. Weighted Dips: 5sets TEMPO: 31X (do to failure (4-7 reps) then put down weight, rest 10s then do as much as possible with bodyweight)

D. Barbell or dumbbell curls.

-Rest inbetween sets are 60s (for the less demanding exercises) and 90-120s (for the more demanding exercises like deadlifts, squats)

Anyway any advice and help would be much appreciated, thanks.

My advice would be to work out 2x on Sat and Sun (still incl Fri PM when possible). Vary rep ranges, exersizes or at least grips between AM and PM.

Thanks for the idea and thats another way i could approach it but your suggestion works out too 5 workouts in 3 days! I dunno, but i don’t think i’m that advanced yet…

Anyone else got any suggestions/critiques?

[quote]Dilligaf wrote:
Thanks for the idea and thats another way i could approach it but your suggestion works out too 5 workouts in 3 days! I dunno, but i don’t think i’m that advanced yet…

Anyone else got any suggestions/critiques?[/quote]

You got 5 days off afterwards, you must remember.

But the thing is during these 5 days i may not necessarily just be resting, i’m in the army at the moment so during the week i may be involved in all the different sorts of cardio, but usually nothing much for the upper body.

Also during the week i’m not able to eat every 2-3 hours and sometimes not able to get sufficient sleep (usually 6 or less hours)

Do you still think it would be ok to have 5 workouts on the weekend?

Also, the articles i’ve read about training with such a high frequency is that exercise pairing is very important, because the gym i’m using gets very crowded this is something which is very hard for me to do.

Anyway apart from HFT handbook and build your own HFT program are there any other articles i can look into?


I don’t pair my exercises either, not possible in my gym. Perhaps not 5 exercises, but as many as you can do while still feeling fresh. If your recovery is limited, then training 2x a day may still help (see Thib’s latest article) - just make sure each session is short enough.

why do you have rows and back 3 days in a row? No recovery. If your going heavy theres no need to do it the next day. The same for most of your exercises. Why are you working out this way?(not being sarcastic, just trying to find out your goals with this plan)

if you have 3 days. you can do squatting on friday, upper body on saturday and deadlifting and arms on sunday. Or other programs out there.

Military don’t you do pushups and stuff?

JDK: Ok, thanks for the advice, i’ll try what you told me when i try to design my next program

Airtruth: I did think of that while designing this but i thought it would be ok as i’m using different movements and rep schemes, i planned to do this so that i could hit the muscle as much as possible and with a high frequency in the time that i had.

Also military we do get pushups but the amount depends on how much puishment we get that week lol, most of the exercise is just running, etc. All the activities which suck for muscle building…