Train Like a Bodybuilder 8-10 Months, Only Powerlift 12-16 Weeks?

Hi guys
Just Wondering if there is any competitive powerlifter that trains like a bodybuilder 8-10 months a year and then 12-16 weeks before a meet they use specificity and train the 3 lifts with low reps…
I know, for example, the westside method is 80% based on assistance, but I would like to know if there is people that train 100% with high reps focusing on getting every muscle strong with hypertrophy work (machines, dumbbells, barbells etc).

Ed Coan didn’t like to go below 10 reps in his sets in the offseason. I think that’s applicable here.

I honestly think this is a great way to train. You can absolutely get very very strong with mid to high rep work on a regular basis, and then spend a couple months working up to hitting a max for competition. Particularly if you’re not competing often. I like it.


Assuming we are talking about work sets only; what do you consider high reps?

I think this is the best way to train. I’ve always thought about every year with a very strict distinction between the 3 months I need to prep for a meet and the “off-season,” so to speak. I just don’t believe in training that hard without a meet in mind, so sets of 12, sure. No machines though. This is where you should try out new things-unilateral work, bodyweight exercises, odd-implement type stuff, “GPP”.

Jesse Norris does sets of something like 8-12 until meet prep, not sure how much accessory work he does. There are also lots of lifters who do lots of sets for low reps, like 75%x4x8 sets for example. High reps are good if you have solid technique and can keep it from breaking down, but otherwise can ingrain bad movement patterns.

10-20 reps x4-5 sets
Lots of quads, hamstrings, hips, lower back, standing ab works for squat for example.

Completely agree. I’ve had my best results training that way.

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This is the only logical way I see to see especially if longevity in the sport is a goal. I wouldnt drop squat and benches for leg press and incline Smith machines but, increasing reps, decreasing rest times, and focus on hypertrophy and conditioning of weak areas I fully support.

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