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Train Legs with Higher Volume?


I was reading somewhere on here that most people train their legs wrong, in that they use higher intensity lower volume stuff.

Any experience with this?


Big Legs = High Volume
Strong Legs = Low Volume

Both work for strength and size. These equations will just get you to your goal the fastest way possible.


There's no "wrong" way to train your legs as long as you're making progress towards your goals. Heck, There's no "wrong" way to train your body as long as you're making progress towards your goals.


True. The only wrong way is to only train them one way. In order to develop as much strength and size as possible, no matter your goal, you need to do some high volume and some low volume/max-effort training.


kk thanks, that makes sense.


I have noticed that a common theme in bodybuilding literature is that, because they get so much use just walking around, most peoples legs require higher-volume workouts than that upper body. So for many people it may be that their legs are always getting hit at a high volume relative to the upper body, which is notorious for getting too much focus.


I saw the most growth in my leg when I was training them with a high volume, mixed rep range approach. I would start off with my heavy movement (squats usually) and bang out 4 or 5 sets of 3-5 reps, then I would do RDL's in a similar way, leg extensions and leg curls (4x8-12), and then I would finish with front squats for 3 sets of 10 or if I was in a hurry, one set of 20-30 reps.

Of course this left me completely wiped out and I couldnt walk on, let alone train, my legs for the next 7 days, but if you are training low frequency, I think this is the best way to train your legs.