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Train Lats With Mid Back?

Curious how many of you separate Lat training and mid-back training.

What would a typical split look like for you, and what exercises do you concentrate on for those areas specifically.

Describe what you mean by mid-back. Do you mean the lower traps?

I would say pulls for lats such as pull ups, chins, lat pulldowns, and maybe deads.

For middle back do rows: seated cable rows, t-bar rows, db rows, and barbell rows.

This is my best guess, but I have never split my back training.

[quote]mertdawg wrote:
Describe what you mean by mid-back. Do you mean the lower traps?[/quote]

Basicaly, I mean any exercise that doesn’t work the Lats specifically, or any exercise that takes the Lats semi-out of the movement to focus more on the Rhomboids, Tres Major, and yes Traps, or rear Delts - depending on if you include them in your back training, or with shoulders.

The above exercises are some that I do for mid-back as well.

I had just had a conversation with someone who swears he, and his mates are much stronger, and therfore built much more size since they’ve seperated them.

Personaly, not only do I think that I would probably end up over-traing my biceps, but I just wouldn’t be able to find the time.