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Train from Now-On

Hey All u hughe mofos of T- nation…

I want your help to figure out how to right this time around…

Ive been training on/off For the past 4 or 5 years… But allways stopped and went back to zero and startet all over… But this time i wonna train for the rest of my life… Even if i rly dont want to, Im doing it cause i know its good for me…

I made a program from Thibs “Damn good program” Articles, But i must have done something wrong or smth cause the feedback when i postet it wasent all that creat… Not that i mind…

Its nice to be correctet so u can do it right the next time… But it got my thinking… I want your help this time around… How would u guys train if u where me and had the time i got…?

I startet training back in the days cause i got a depression, And the doc told me that besides my medz, training would be good for me… And im still dealing whit my Deprission on off now… And thats mainly why im training, But wouldn be bad to get HUGE along whit it :stuck_out_tongue:

So here is my stats…

Age 25
Weight 220
Height 6.0
Fatt% around 20-25 ill guess… dunno… But im not ripped thats for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Lifts atm

Squat 220
Bench 140
Deadlift 220

My goal for my training other then helping my Depression, Is as much mass and strenght gain as possibel, Im not really going for the ripped look… More the huge, thick, Massive look. Sixpack dont matter, Just wonna look like a brick wall :stuck_out_tongue:

im between jobs at, So i got all the time in the world to train, And im willing to train all day long if thats what it takes…

So how would u guys train if u where me, if u had some exspirence, But had to start all over like me… :slight_smile:


Btw Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

Eat a lot, use lots of whey, sleep a lot, and use a work similar to rippetoes

Do something like starting strength, and do it right. Don’t miss workouts, and remember the goal is to add weight to the bar EVERY WORKOUT.

Some people get “scared” and start lowering the weight; don’t be like those people. If you miss one rep on the last set, still add weight. I’ve seen people still get all the reps on the next workout despite the weight increase.

Do not start at your maxes. Pick a weight you are 100% positive you can do, then lower it 10 for the lighter lifts (bench, press, and row) and 20 for the heavier ones (squat and deadlift). :wink:

Don’t “deload” until you have 3 or 4 workouts with no progression. You may even be able to switch to something like working up to 1 top set of 5 to continue making progress.

After you truly STOP (which will happen after a few resets, rep changes, adding of accesory work … etc.) making progress on a SS like program, I recommend the programs like madcows 5x5’s. You won’t need them for a bit, though.


  1. If you really don’t want to train don’t do it. If writing or painting or gardening would make you happier do that. If you can’t commit to training, it’s really going to be a waste of time. And by commitment I’m talking 5 hours a week. Taking a week or two off a few times a year.

2.If you decide to throw yourself into strength training. You’ll probably like it and if you follow a good program your progress should give you the confidence to fight off the depression.

  1. Buy a book. A ton of people on here have used Rippetoe’s Starting Strength.

  2. Join a good gym. You’re going to need a ton of equipment. The social aspects will be good for your depression as well.

Dan John One lift a day
Thib’s Beast training
Poliquin Super accumulation training -will all fit the bill