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Train for Success, Not Failure


in the recent EFS article, 10 tips for explosive muscle growth:
it states Train for success, not failure. Failing on a rep (starting the lift but not finishing due to fatigue or too heavy a weight) puts considerable stress on the central nervous system. This will make recovering from your workouts more difficult and can lead to over training.

although this may be true for bodybuilding hyper trophy, my question is whether or not training in the 1-3 rep range to failure is best for strength gains specifically because of the CNS stress.


I'd advise against training to failure on the main lifts. Once in awhile is ok, but try to keep a rep or two in the tank. Now if you want to train to failure on isolation exercises it most likely wouldn't affect your recovery and is a good way to get some extra volume.


I find training to failure is unnessasary on main lifts, it also add a higher chance for injury. Training to failure is like doing max effort everyday eventually your body is gonna say no and start regressing


i tried for failure once...but after 11sets x 10reps with 100lb dumbbells i got bored.

so i went home.


I agree with the others, I think it is wise to leave one in the tank. The risk of injury is too great if you constantly train to failure on your main lifts.