Train Both Max Strength & Endurance?

Hi guys,

just wondering if its possible to train for both max strength and endurance, and how would you structure such a program.

For example, I want to train for a one arm pullup increase my pullup max reps as well.

For strength, 3x3 thrice a week
For endurance, one set max in am, one set max in pm 2-3 times per week

or something like that.


One thing I’ve learned from attempting to train both endurance and strength, at the same time, is you will never be good at both. Baring genetics gifts bordering x-men status, you will never be strong enough if you are an endurance athlete or fast enough as a strength athlete. So pick one, and run with it, or find a balance your comfortable with and aim for that. Now, about your pullups question I believe that is achievable. There are videos of guys doing just that all over the net, try beast skills or gym jones.

Get your max strength up, like over 2x bw squat, deadlift, bench.
Check out Alpha.

and his log on here(you’ll have to search), look up warrior athlete.

I think one should always train for max strength, but I think that your max strength won’t be what it would be if you were only lifting and also eating a lot.

I’m in this Conditioning forum because I also enjoy running and walking and hiking, so I’m willing to give up some strength (though I think the worries about losing strength and mass are over-stated while doing cardio) in return for my conditioning.

The thing is I think if you drop weight that will help a lot for that one-arm pull up. I notice that when I’m at my heaviest (270 about 7 or 8 months ago) then I can only do about 3 pull ups in a set, with only about 4 or 5 sets possible in a day.
Now at 245 I can do 5 sets of 5.