Train Arms Alone vs Split w/ Another Bodypart

For a while all my spilt routines had me doing arms on a day of their own. I’ve built some nice muscle doing this.

Recently I decided to just try splitting my arms with another bodypart.

So I’m doing bi’s with chest and tri’s with shoulders. I don’t want to do tri’s with chest or bi’s with back. Coz when I don’t want to hit my bi’s or tri’s in a fatigued state.

Also by doing them separately I’m hitting bi’s and tri’s twice in a week. Once directly and once indirectly. Same for chest.

In your experience what has been best for you. Arms on a day of it’s own or worked with another body part?

Ive just started doing that too. going from hitting bis on back day to hitting them on chest day. its making alot of difference not being fatuiged.

Im not quite ready to be hitting arms on a seperate day so i guess i will switch to arm day only when my gains stop.

I also started pairing up biceps with chest, and triceps with back. Doing this, or doing them on a separate day, is MUCH better than the classic Chest/Tri’s and Back/Bi’s split IMO.

I’ve had good luck doing this for 4-6 weeks, than going back to a separate arm day for 4-6 weeks.

I do bis with pull and tris with push.

I personally at this point see no point for me to do them on their own day. For me doing more then two lifts per each is pointless. I’d rather PR on one or two then walk out with a sweet pump.

different strokes for different folks I guess.

Right now I do light Bis with back and Tris get hit hard enough from the constant pushing.


I personally like training my arms alone on their own day. I like to use heavy movements for my triceps and find that it sucks and takes way to long to do everything I want to do after hitting a major muscle group. I don’t want to be in the gym for that long.

Same for hitting biceps with another muscle group, just doesn’t work out well for me. I like them being fresh and beating them both together, usually supersetting with rest one tri exercise with one bi exercise.