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Trailer Park Boys

Anyone here like this show? I just recently got addicted to it after i downloaded the first 5 seasons. I actually think its the most original show ive ever seen, i love it.

Where’d you d/l it from? That show is hilarious!

i downloaded it from torrentspy.com i then connected my modded xbox (with windows media center) to my computer so that i can watch it on my tv.

Definitely one of my top 5 all time favs. Season 4 was a bit weak, but season 5 came back with a vengeance. Ricky, Julian & Bubbles are 3 of the best characters ever, and the supporting cast is great too.

It’s a shame most Americans are unaware of this show. I’ve been hearing for a few years that either HBO or MTV was going to brodcast it, but nothing has ever became of it.

Netflix carries the first 4 seasons, and season 5 should be released this month.

I hope MTV doesnt start broadcasting it. There is so much censorship that would have to be done to the show wihch would make it lose most of its edge.