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Trailer for 'The Expendables'





hmmm doesn't look so hot


YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES..........I'm lovin' it


This post is relevant to my interests.


OMG I can't wait!


I've been waiting for this for a while, but I can say I'm pretty disappointed from the trailer.


This about sums up my feelings. There was potential for this to be a nostalgia inducing sick freak of an action film, and it looks like some fuck popped the plot and dialogue out of a cookie cutter.


I think seeing Dolph Lundgren show his chops as a martial artist against Jet Li is pretty cool. It isn't just tiny Asian guys who can whip out the kung fu, some times its the huge blond guys you have to look out for.


Jet has already fought big blond guys with martial arts skills.

I want to see him fight a sumo wrestler, a lumberjack with a chainsaw, a grizzly bear, and 30 Norwegian midgets all at once. Now that would make for some great cinema.





Director Sylvester Stallone
Writer Sylvester Stallone


This is only the Promo trailer. The promo trailer for Rambo looked cheap, but the movie was stellar.

This movie will be stellar and if you any of fucknuts bad mouth this movie, you are no better than those twilight loving, skinny pants wearing, metro sexual fags who pollute the world.

Support this movie or have your fucking Man card revoked!


anyone born with testicles should see this movie.


Maybe it's my lack of humor or the serious mentality I have. When I think of all these bad ass people in a movie together, I want to see more action and heads exploding. Leave the funny comedy shit to Shrek and Jackie Chan.


Do not doubt me when I say I will see this movie. I think that the trailer looks disappointing, but I'm certainly willing to shell out 10 bucks and 2 hours of my life on the off chance that it lives up to its potential.


I know I wont go see this movie but if I see it I would never be able to take it seriously. It reminds me of ''tropic thunder''




I'll give ya this, that was a shitty trailer, for an awesome movie.


I'm honestly surprised there was dialogue. I figured it'd all be grunts and explosions.


Reminded me of the Street Fighter movie for some reason...