Traditional PCT or Taper and the Next Cycle

Just finished my first cycle, after a full year of bulking naturally and seeing good results in size and strength, I ran;
Week 1-12 500 mg test e, shot in 2 250 mg doses, Monday and Friday
Week 1-11 300 mg deca, shot monday

Before I was a fairly chubby 165, at 5 '4 (over bulked a bit, no huge gut or anything)
After I was a leaner, 178

Great strength gains, good size gains

I had nolva on hand for gyno symptoms (got a little discoloring around the nips, used light dose to cover that)

Was going to run PCT as suggested by my gym rat friend who used to compete in bodybuilding
week 1 40 mg nolva ED
Week 2-3 20 mg nolva ED

I’ve read all over the internet about it, and so of course have seen everything from “PCT doesn’t work gh15 approved be on tren for whole life” to Test tapering, to the above nolva protocol.

I know the deca is very suppressive, and I got some nut shrinkage on the cycle, so I didn’t know if that would effect the PCT (damn all these freaking variables!)

Any help? I tried to supply all the info I could, and the forum’s been helpful to me before.

do 40/40/20/20 and then 20 until you feel back to neutral (E.G. quick, easy, and hard erections…morning wood etc.)

And start two weeks after last injection right?