Traditional Elk’s training log

AM workout

RDL 5x5x185
Weighted chins 5x6x45

Incline bench 10x135,8x155,6x175,4x185,2x195,25x95

Pull-ups 2x10

AM workout

20 min airdyne- 7.82 miles

Went at an uncomfortable pace for this. Solid work. I keep telling myself I’m not gonna just stop running completely, as it’s tough to get back into, but I just don’t think I care right now. I still want to have great conditioning, but running isn’t the only avenue for that.

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AM workout

Press 5x105,125,140, 5x10x105
Deadbugs 3x5
Gorilla kb rows 5x10x45

Bulgarian split squat 3x8x95
Ab wheel 3x3

Barbell 21’s 2 sets
Lu raises 2x10

First week of beefcake in the books. It was great. Looking forward to how this plays out

AM workout

Accumulate 100 push-ups & 150 squats

Did this in a bit under 9 minutes. That’ll be it for today. On the road again this weekend

PM workout

Airdyne 10 minute test- 4.46 miles

•Spend all day driving home with family
•Roll into garage & smash 10 minute airdyne w/ no warm-up
•Remember I have BBB squats tomorrow
•Regret life choices

In all seriousness, I’m glad to get a conditioning test in. I always put off testing, thinking I want to do a few weeks of work before a baseline…but that kind of defeats the purpose of a baseline. Now I just to need to make sure I actually retest this at some point

PM workout

Squat 5x210,240,270, 5x10x210
Band pull aparts 6x15, 1x10

Accumulate 50 chins
Accumulate 50 banded push-ups

Really tough lift today. Tried to move quickly. Next week is gonna be quite the experience. Looking forward to it

AM workout

Bench 5x160,180,205, 5x10x160
Back extension 3x12
Gorilla kb row 5x10x45

SL elevated glute bridge 3x10
Plank 3x1:00

Db curls hold at top 2x10
Shrugs 1x35

Good stuff today. Bench was pretty hard, & next week will be quite the fight to finish. BUT, I kept my rest periods brief today, so I’ll have room to extend them a bit if need be. Finished the 5x10 bench in about 13 minutes while super setting with rows. The top set at 205 was also tough. Gonna need to eat big to make sure next week goes up well. Assistance work was also really solid. The glute bridges were tough, definitely need to keep those in the rotation. It’s been great to try out a ton of different single leg movements, as most of them are awesome strength builders without the spinal loading

AM workout

10 rounds
.5 mile airdyne
10-9-8…1 line facing burpees

Finished at 16:35

This is 17 seconds faster than when I did this workout over the summer, so that’s cool. Pushed hard at the end but honestly think I could’ve went a bit faster throughout and still hung on. Conditioning is solid right now, which I guess isn’t surprising after 3-4 months of either CrossFit or running focused training. Hoping to maintain this while I try to put on some size

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AM workout

RDL 5x5x195
Accumulate 40 weighted chins (30lbs) between sets

Incline bench
Accumulate 100 band pull-aparts between sets

10 chins during clean-up

Had much more ambitious plans for incline bench, but I was just fried early & was taking extra short rests to finish on time. Got a lot of quality reps today though. Now to recover & get ready to round out the week with press tomorrow

AM workout

Press 5x115,130,150, 5x10x115
Deadbugs 3x5
Gorilla kb rows 5x10x45

FFE goblet reverse lunge 2x15x45
V-ups 2x15

Db curl w/hold at top 2x12
Barbell shrugs 2x25x135

Was worried about finishing the presses today, so I’m really pleased with it. They got very tough at the end, but I finished in about 15-16 minutes. Next week will be fun. I’ve definitely noticed myself looking a little bit bigger so far, which is always nice

AM workout

20 minute airdyne- 7.29 miles

Nice easy work today. Nasal breathing the whole time & the pace was very comfortable. Time to recover today & tomorrow, then gear up for the heavy week of beefcake

AM workout

Squat 5x225,255,285,5x10x225
Accumulate 50 chins

Accumulate 50 banded push-ups

Yeah, today was brutal. A tough night of sleep & waking up a lot earlier than I’ve had to the past 1.5 weeks had me feeling like I couldn’t quite switch over into high gear on the main sets, which made 285 feel like a max effort set. And then the follow up volume after such a tough set just obliterated me. Just punched the clock on the chins and push-ups. What a start to the week. Got bench day tomorrow. Gonna be eating huge today in an effort to recover & be ready for the rest of the week. Should be quite the week for some growth

AM workout

Bench 5x170,190,215,5x10x170
Back extension 3x12
Gorilla kb row 5x10x45

Kickstand kb RDL 3x8x30
Deadbugs 3x5

Dumbbell curls 2x12 pause at top
Lu raise 1x15

Finished all the required work in 45 minutes, then did the curls and raises but went a bit long on time. Had a training partner over though, so that does slow things down a little bit. With that said, the bench 5x10 moved easier than last week. Might have just been the energy of having another person there. But also I slowed the reps down significantly last week, so maybe that just makes a bigger difference than I think. Either way, solid day today. Got a conditioning day tomorrow

AM workout

20 minute airdyne- 7.39 miles

Super easy pace today. Lifting schedule might be a bit off the next couple days, but there will definitely be somewhere to get the workouts in, might just be different from the usual time

Yesterday PM workout

20 minute airdyne- 7.51 miles

Today AM workout

RDL 5x8x155
Weighted chins 10x5x30
Dips 5x10
Accumulate 100 band pull aparts

Big press workout tomorrow, which will close out cycle one of beefcake. Schedule is weird this weekend, but was still able to get after it this morning. Time to recover & prepare for tomorrow

AM workout

Press 5x125,140,155,5x10x125
Deadbugs 3x5
Gorilla kb rows 5x10x45

Ab wheel 3x5
SL elevated glute bridge 3x8

Barbell curls 2x25

Press was extremely hard. Took almost the whole 20 minutes to finish that and the rows. Happy to get a rest day tomorrow & an easier week coming up