Traditional Elk’s training log

Much better game than last year’s lol

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100% haha. Tough start but an absolutely epic comeback

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PM workout

Front squat 3x5x185
Bench 3x5x160
Weighted pull-ups 3x5x45

Barbell curls 3x10x75
Band pushdowns 3x20

Kettlebell swings 30/20x45

Legs are dead from the run yesterday. Made the squatting quite the experience. Good stuff & good first week overall to this plan

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AM workout

4.18 mile run- 45:45

Good start to the week. Avg HR was 148

AM workout

Front squat 3x5x205
Bench 3x5x180
Weighted pull-up 3x5x55

2 sets of barbell 21’s
Band pushdown 1x50
Lateral raise 1x20

Much harder lift today than last week. These weights should be very manageable this week, but I can’t cruise through like I did toward the end of last week. Should be really solid. Got a solid pump in from the assistance, which I finished in under 5 minutes

AM workout

4.63 mile run- 46:36

10 min warm up
20 min tempo
5 min easy
10 min tempo
Easy until I got home

I felt really strong on this today. Didn’t want to get too aggressive, but I felt like I could just keep going faster & wasn’t getting tired. Happy with the progress that this workout shows

AM workout

Front squat 3x5x205
Bench 3x5x185
Weighted pull-up 3x5x55

Dips 2x20
Db curls 2x25x20 lbs

Another good lift today. Liked the two big sets of dips & curls at the end

AM workout

4.1 mile run-41:30

Had a little bit of pain in my knee at points throughout the run, so I cut it short to be on the safe side. This was also towards the afternoon as opposed to early morning, so it was decently hot. Glad I could still comfortably hold just over a 10 minute pace

AM workout

Squat 5x200, 230, 255, 15x200
Weighted pull-ups 3x5x55

Dips 20,15,15
Weighted pull-ups 2x5x55

Ab wheel 2x3
Barbell curl 2x20
Db lateral raise 2x10x20 lbs

After two months of running being my primary goal & lifting being secondary, I’m ready to hop back on the gains train. Hoping to still run 2x a week, & lift 4x. Thinking I’ll be doing 5/3/1 SVR 2 for the lifting, which today was day one of

AM workout

2.65 mile run- 27:18

Went mostly at an easy pace, but in the middle somewhere I did .75 miles at a tempo-ish pace. I’m planning on testing my 2 mile time on Thursday, so I wanted a touch of faster work in. Not expecting anything great on Thursday, but after two months of consistent running work I hope to put up something solid. Should also give a good baseline on where I’m at so I can see how much I progress with lower running volume & an emphasis on lifting instead. Would love for running to keep improving with less work, but we will see

AM workout

Press 5x110,130, 7x145, 13+4+3x110
Kb row 4x15x45

Incline bench 2x15x115
Chin-ups 2x10
Back extension 2x15

Concentration curls 3x10
Diamond push-ups 3x10

These higher volume lifting sessions are hammering me. Was super tired after just one round of the bench/chin/back ext assistance circuit. 145x7 on press is just not good, but I haven’t done the movement in weeks, so lots of room to grow. Also just trying to keep myself honest with the “~50 reps of push/pull/single leg or core” assistance. I used to just take that as a few sets of chins/rows & some arms. But this run through, I want to do at least a couple hard sets of a compound push movement, compound pull, & actually do the single leg/core work. After that I can bro out with some isolation, but skipping out on that probably limited me before. I was abiding by the rules of the program, but not the actual intent behind it

AM workout

2 mile run- 15:55

Hit 8:05 then 7:50 for my mile splits. Kind of like I expected, nothing super special on this, but sub 16 is definitely solid. Also glad to have a baseline for where I’m at now. Hopefully I can at least maintain, if not slightly improve this time while putting running on the back burner a bit while I focus on lifting again

PM workout

Deadlift 5x205,235,265, 15x205
Kb Arnold press 4x10x45

Barbell shrugs 3x20x135
Band pull aparts 3x25
Deadbugs 3x5

Db hammer curls with holds at various places 2 sets
Band pushdowns 1x30

Got a huge trap pump from the shrugs and pull aparts, then blew up the arms with the last little bit. Still don’t like deadlifting, but this was a really good session

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AM workout

Bench 5x150,170, 9x195, 15+5x150
Front foot elevated reverse lunge 3x10x45
Dips 5x10
Front plate raise 3x10x25
Accumulate 100 chin-ups throughout workout

Did chins after pretty much every set. This made for another really hard training session. Week one is in the books and it was a good one. Excited for how this program will play out.

PM workout

Squat 5x185,215,240, 5x10x185
Band pull aparts 3x20

Hammer curls w hold on opposite side 3x12
Band pushdowns 3x25
Plank 2x1:00

Today was the third of (most likely) six lifting days in a row in order to finish this week on time, given a weird schedule towards next weekend. With that in mind, I kept the assistance light. The squats absolutely destroyed my legs though. Still feeling shaky even though I finished this workout a while ago. Gonna make sure to eat huge today & the rest of this week to keep up with the training

PM workout

Press 5x105,120,135, 5x10x105
Back extension 3x15
Weighted chins (various grips) 5x6x45

Banded push-ups 2x15
Suitcase carry 2x down my driveway
Shrugs 2x20x135

This big jump in volume & the movement variety has me sore & tired. Love the effect I know this is having. I’m glad I finally branched out from my usual assistance movements, as I’m realizing how much I was missing out on when I just hammered dips, chins, curls and pull aparts all the time

AM workout

RDL 3x5x155
Deadbugs 3x5

Bent over row 5x10x135
Double kb front squat 5x6x45

Barbell curls w/ pause at top 2x10x65, 1x20x45
Band pushdowns 3x30

Back has felt a bit iffy since deads last week, so I went RDL for the main work then rows for the 5x10. Not sure if this will be the trend or just a one time thing. The squats were purely an attempt at getting some blood flow in the legs to relieve some soreness. Got bench day tomorrow to round out the week of lifting. Hoping to squeeze in some running over the couple days after that

AM workout

Bench 5x140,160,185, 5x10x140
Accumulate 100 chins
Accumulate 50 dips

Kickstand RDL 2x6x45
Lateral raise 2x8x20

The bbb work on bench was very challenging, then the dips & remaining chins were tough. Really good training this morning. Having trouble eating enough to keep up really. Might need to re-strategize my meal structure. I’ve pretty much stayed the same weight these past two weeks, though I’d like to be gaining a bit.

PM workout

Squat 5x195,225,255, 5x10x195
Band pull aparts 6x15,1x10

Weighted dips 3x6x30
Chin-ups 5x8,2x5
Banded push-ups 2x10,2x6

Plan was weighted dips, but dips in general have been bothering my sternum a lot so I may need to do other pressing movements as a workaround.

Also decided to start bbb beefcake today. I was thinking SVR 2, but beefcake has just been tried & true for making gains so I’m going back to it.

I wanted to run some the last couple days, but I got the stomach bug Thursday so I was as pretty much out of commission, as well as traveling. So today was my first day back at it

Yesterday’s PM workout

5 mile airdyne- 13:12

Today’s AM workout

Bench 5x145,170,190,5x10x145
Double kb rows 5x10x45

SL KB RDL 3x8x45
Deadbugs 3x5

Dumbbell curls 2x15
Shrugs 2x25

Schedule opened up a bit in the afternoon yesterday so I was able to get a quick bike in. Todays session was really good. Bench was challenging, but I was slowing it down on purpose to make it a bit harder. Got in some shrugs & curls with the remaining time I had after finishing the beefcake requirements