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Trader Joes Shopping List?

Hey everyone thanks for taking the time to ready this post (not sure if this is the right forumP. Anyway, a Trader Joes is opening up in KC and from what I have read over the net on different sites, forums, etc it seems like it could be of a great benefit to my health. So what does everyone get when they go to the store? I tend to go crazy in new stores especially since I think I’m addicted to food lol. Thanks for all the input.

I usually get food there. Meat, poultry, veggies… Chocolate bars.

its good shit mane

Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “If it’s from Trader Joes, it MUST be good!” Just like any store, there’s crap food and good food there.

Oh, and if you’re ever going hiking, I recommend raiding their trail mix section and some of their gourmet beef jerky.

Thanks for the info, I’ve heard they have a number of products that are not available in most other stores. I live in Kansas City so getting spices other than BBQ or hitting up walmart for expensive quinoa is my main concerns. Anyway, keep the info coming

Exactly, just because it’s from TJ’s, doesn’t mean it’s healthy,… however, it usually does mean that it’s tasty! :slight_smile:

My usual shopping list includes:
Liquid egg Whites
Almond Butter with Flax Seeds
Ezekial Wheat Bread
Canned Pink Salmon
Bags of Onions n Peppers (intended for fajitas, but I throw them in omelets)
Buffalo Jerky
Lightly Salted Cashews
Bison Patties
Coffee (Tirazo is really good)

They’ve got so many varieties of meats, fish, chicken etc, as well as fresh veggies, which always leads me to find something new to try (when not dieting).

Additionally, they’ve got a zillion types of cold cereal (PWO perhaps? -lol), as well as a pretty good selection of baked goods, and pre-prepared (is that even a word?!), ready to eat meals.


Wasabi Mayo

pic related

Great on chicken breasts.

[quote]therajraj wrote:
pic related

Great on chicken breasts.[/quote]

you ever mix it with tuna?

[quote]AccipiterQ wrote:

[quote]therajraj wrote:
pic related

Great on chicken breasts.[/quote]

you ever mix it with tuna? [/quote]

No, but I’m sure it would be good too. Personally, I prefer Chipotle Mayo on tuna.

Either way this stuff isn’t low fat

Am I the only person that noticed he’s missing the most important part of a shopping list?

cinnamon raisin ezekial bread
grass fed beef
peanut butter (perhaps the best tasting natural pb)
eggs (omega 3)
canned salmon

Thanks for the ideas, the official opening date is July 15th so next week should be fun!

Trader Joe’s is great. I go once a month and buy enough for the month. Trader Joe’s beats all other places on the products I buy. Items I buy the most are:

Seasoned Lamb
Almond Butter
Brazil Nuts
Macadamia Nuts
Ground Turkey
Frozen Vegggies (Atrichokes, spinach, broccoli, peppers & onions)
Assorted Frozen Fish (salmon, swordfish, ahi tuna, cod)

Their Greek yogurt and jalapeno chicken sausage are my favorites.

[quote]Lunarisx718 wrote:
cinnamon raisin ezekial bread
peanut butter [/quote]


Cheapest natural peanut butter I’ve found and they have 4 different types :smiley: (salted and unsalted crunchy + salted and unsalted creamy) Oh and they also have sprouted wheat bread akin to Ezekiel but its cheaper. I believe its called “Look Pa! No flour!”…go figure. :slight_smile:

Their nuts section is great, but watch out for carbs in the flavored ones. Their nuts are really fresh and priced low.

I buy regularly:

Cashews lightly salted “just a handful” 1 oz packaging (so I don’t eat a whole bag - I love them like crazy)
Raw Almonds “just a handful” 1 oz packaging
Walnuts halves and pieces
Yogurt (various unflavored - Greek, fat free, low fat, full fat)
Cottage Cheese
Half & Half
Ground Beef 85/15%
Unsweetened Cranberry juice
Coffee - great selection
Frozen Blueberries (!!!)
Smoked salmon/lox
Haricots Verts (frozen green beans)
Organic Frozen Spinach
Frozen Baby Peas
Cheese (block, shredded)
Broccoli Slaw

They have tons of starchy snacks and processed foods which are convenient and tasty, but loaded with carbs, if that matters to you. For discussion of their snack and convenience foods, look for multiple threads at Chowhound.com. For the items I listed, their prices are fair and the quality is high.

All good recommendations, and this might sound lame, but they have these tomatoes imported from Belgium that are the SHIT. Fucking bright red, smell incredible, taste even better. I make a fuss about tomatoes because I like to make pasta sauce from fresh tomatoes that I pour over almost everything but pasta.

Trader Joes is the place where you get the best quality for the price, hands down. You cannot find that quality of shit at that price anywhere.

They also have this Organic kosher chicken from Empire that is insane good. I am not Jewish, but the idea that a rabbi inspects the animal before it is cut up and sold is kinda cool with me. It’s the only chicken that actually tastes like real chicken, fucking delish !

Sardines from Morroco too, fuck, I am getting hungry now.