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Trader Joe's Chicken Sausage

After finishing up the smolov base mesocycle and nonstop buffets, I had great gains on my squat, but my lady was none too pleased with the resulting physique. So, I’ve switched over to the 5/3/1 plan for a change of pace (prior to the most recent smolov base I did the sheiko 29, and prior to that I did 10 of the 12 weeks smolov - had to halt because of pulled hamstring). I also started carb cycling. I’m not going for rapid weight loss, moreso just trying to bring it down slowly by cleaning up the diet. I want to continue gaining strength.

I have all my meals planned out for each day and feel confident with my plan (I can post it if anyone is interested). Well, I was at Trader Joes picking up the usual stuff, when I decided to browse the meat section to see if there might be anything that could spice things up. I see this chicken sausage - 21 grams of protein per link, 9 grams of fat, 2g of carbs. It was high in sodium, I forget the exact amount in miligrams but it comprised 48% of the daily recommended value - whatever that means. I buy it.

I cook the sausage on the skillet, take my first bite, and I am hooked. It’s delicious. Is it too good to be true? I look at the ingredients, and it contains nothing more than chicken, salt, mustard spices, and cane juice (might be a few more ingredients but overall simple stuff - nothing chemically sounding).

So, with that breakdown, is this an excellent food choice for a carb cycling approach? I remember that article about don’t fear salt - something along those lines, but should I be concerned with the high sodium? Any thoughts?


fuck salt, drink water, problem solved

Awesome. Well, in that case, I recommend that chicken sausage to everyone. I have some sizzling the grill right now!

Thanks for the responses.

[quote]ucallthatbass wrote:
fuck salt, drink water, problem solved[/quote]

fuck salt, sweat more

i love trader joes. I spend about 70$ a week there

Trader Joes has the best prices on those sausages as well - the spicy jalapeno ones are great; they are all pretty good really…

If you like those, start exploring the really expensive stuff you can get at farmers markets. I know a farm in Virginia that raises pigs in a wooded lot on organic feed and the sausage is quite literally worth dying for.

Actually all about the “free range” meat and organic vegetables. We do a crop sharing deal with a couple of organic farms out here. We get most of our meat from Peaceful Pastures and the veggies come from Delvin Farms - both are great. The sausages are extra…

[quote]bt_impaler wrote:
I remember that article about don’t fear salt - something along those lines, but should I be concerned with the high sodium? Any thoughts?


Man, I love those. I’ve gotten the chipotle ones, spinach and cheese ones, you name it. You microwave 2 of 'em (they’re already cooked you know), and toss 'em on a plate with eggs, and there’s your breakfast for a low carb day :smiley: