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Tractor Tire Training Ideas?

So…i scored a tractor tire…for $10. I dont know what it weighs exactly but id guess 300lbs roughly. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less…dont know. But anyways…i was wondering if i could get some training ideas for it. Obviously i can flip it, and hit it with sledgehammer…but what else can i do?

Drag it. Wrap a chain or something around it and use a carabiner to clip a handle to it.

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Jump in, jump out, flip it, repeat.
Stand inside, pick it up like a farmers walk and walk with it.
Always warm up (especially the biceps) before messing with it


How much room do you have?

I have a tire. My go to work out is a 15m run, flip it. 6 times as quick as possible. 4 sets of this and I’m DONE!

You could add a few hammer blows in there also.

But run- flip - repeat is a hard work out.

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Good idea thanks

Ok cool…never thought of the farmers walk thing thanks

Well my yard is fairly long, and i have a long driveway too. Also a paved alley…so lots of room to do the kind of thing you mentioned

I recently got one and my sessions have been smack with a sledge x 20, jump over it x 5, flip x 10, rest and repeat. I haven’t tried dragging it yet but that’s a good idea. I suppose I could try to create some handles with rope for carries, too.


Like already suggested you can hit it with a sledgehammer but you can also buy a 10lb and 15lb steel mace and hit it with that.
When you get comfortable using a mace you will start to learn more movements that you can add in to your workouts.