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Tracking the Newbie Gains

Hey people. I just yesterday joined a gym and had my first workout today. As the title says, I am making this log to keep track of my progress through this supposedly easy gain period. Hopefully no one was lying about that 40+ pound gain in the first year of training :).

Age- 18
Weight- 165
Height- ~5’7
Waist- 32.5
Looking to bulk to as close to 200 as I can before college, which begins end of August. Thats a 35 pound gain in around four months. Judging by the rate of growth people seem to think is possible at this stage, it seems reasonable.

Todays workout was really just to get myself familiar with the gym. It consisted of shoulder presses, squats, some pull ups, 15 mins on elliptical, more squats, and finally several random machines. None of this was very serious except for maybe a few sets of the squats, just to get an overall feel of the gym.

From here on out I plan on loosely following CT’ s HP Mass program. I say loosely due to lack of eccentric-less work and a more linear progression. Will still be following its basic principles.

I look forward to growing and reaping all the other benefits that will come now that Im finally seriously lifting. Any comments, insights, hints, tips, etc. are more than welcome.

So far my gym time hasn’t been as structured as I’d, been getting in 3-4 sessions a week, looking to bump that up to five. Thus far my best lifts have been:
Shoulder Press: 115x3
Incline Press: 145x3
Bench Press: 155x3
Squat: 195x3
Deadlift: 210x3