Tracking PR’s in Training Log: What Works for You?

Silly question… how do you track your PRs? I’d prefer not to use one for the Apps I’ve seen for a couple reasons, one being if the app discontinues I’m kinda up S creek.

The way I understand PRs is that it is:
-A true 1 RM that you’ve done for the first time
-A # of reps at a specific weight
-A higher calculated 1RM that you’ve done for the first time (like when you calculate a TM)

How do you guys keep track of them without digging through your journal each time? Memory? An excel spreadsheet? A PR page in your journal? Highlighting it in your journal? Not trying to be difficult or obtuse, just curious what others are doing.

I used to use an Excel spreadsheet but recently I just use a simple Google document which records rep PRs for each lift, at each weight as well as the date they were set.

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I put an Excel document in Google Drive where I track PR’s with;

Weight, reps, estimated training max at that time, date and some sort of ‘RPE/how did I feel’ thing.

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Notebook and a pen…


Thanks guys! Just curious how others were doing it. Appreciate the feedback!