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Tracking My Progress Through Feb.

This log is to track my progress from now till Febuary, which is when I’ll tentatively be shipping out for ANG basic training. My goals through December will revolve around strength and size, then I’ll begin ramping up the cardio and conditioning in January. I’ll be following a push/pull/leg split and may throw in a shoulder-specific day. I appreciate any constructive criticism and advice.

Current working weights/ known maxes:

Barbell Benchpress - 195 3x8
Squat - 305 max
Deadlift(overhand) - 245 5x5 315 3x3
Clean and Jerk - 205 max

Yes, I formerly lived on the bench and it shows. I’m working on that.

06/30/09 Back and Biceps

Deadlift 245 4x5,1x3

Weighted Pull-ups 25 3x8

Hang-cleans 135 3x4, 155 1x3

Lat Pulldowns 140 3x6

Chest-supported Rows (unilateral) 145 3x6

EZ-bar preacher curls 70 5x4

Alt. Hammer Curls 25 2x6

Reverse curls 30 2x8

Basically gave me a good view of what my strengths and weaknesses are. I’m curious what my deadlifting max would be with a staggered grip. My hands were ready to give long before my back and posterior chain were. Biceps felt a little weaker than usual. That could be from helping a friend move today though.

7/01/09 Heavy leg day

Squat 225 8x3
Hack Squat 185 3x6

Not difficult at all. I’ve never done triples, so I wasn’t exactly sure where to start. I think I’ll use 245 next time and move up in ten-pound increments until I find the right working weight.

7/3/09 - Chest and Triceps

Barbell Benchpress 205 3x6, 1x5

Weighted Dips 25 3xfailure (12, 8, 7)

Incline Machine Press 160 3x6

Nosebreakers 80 3x5

Rope Pulldowns 100 2x8 dropset to: 85 2xfail

07/06/09 - Back and Biceps

Deadlift 245 5x5

Weighted Pull-ups 30 3x6

Hang-cleans 145 4x4

Lat Pulldowns 150 2x6, 1x5

Chest-supported Rows (unilateral) 150 3x6

EZ-bar preacher curls 60 2x6, 70 1x6

Alt. Conc. Curls 35 1x6, 1x5

Reverse curls 40 1x9, 1x7, 1x5

07/07/09 Legs

235 6x3

07/09/09 Back and Shoulders

Rack Pulls 365 4x4

Wide-grip Pullups BW 50 (as many sets as needed)

Bent-over Rows 135 3x10

Seated Dumbbell Presses 55 1x8, 2x6

Lateral Raises 20 3x12

Going to have to figure out a better shoulder routine now that I’m actually doing direct work for it. Might throw in some stuff from the new articles. And I have GOT to buy some straps. I’m confident I could’ve used 400+ in the rack pulls if I had a better way to hold the bar.

07/10/09 Legs 2

Front Squats 185 3x8

Lunges 70 2x15 (per leg)

GHR BW+10 3x10

Leg Ext. 150 3x8

Standing Calf Raises 140 3x10

Seated Calf Raises 70 3x15

Ab Circuit

Finallt got my computer back.

7/13 - Back/Biceps

Deadlift 245 2x5, 1x10

Weighted Pull-ups 30 2x6, 1x5, BW 1x5

Lat Pulldowns 150 3x6

Chest-supported Rows (unilateral) 160 1x6, 180 1x6, 205 1x3

EZ-bar preacher curls 70 1x10, 1x12, 1x8

Reverse curls 40 2x12

Was in a hurry today…

7/15 - Chest/ Triceps

Forgot my damn logbook. I did switch to incline dumbbell presses as my first chest exercise. 5x5 with the 85s. It was actually kind of easy, so going to go with 90s next time. Also, knowing that I’d miss my leg day that week, I did front squats. 5x3 235.

This week is going to be messed up too. Had to pull a double Monday, so I’ll be doing power cleans and pull-ups with my leg workout tonight. I’ll probably do another back/leg combo Friday and hopefully be on a normal schedule again Monday.