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Tracking My Anabolic Diet Progress


So this is the start of my first blog pretty much ever and i know that there is another topic on this forum about this diet but i dont really care . I am doing this to track my progress and keep a digital log of my food weight and over all how good looking I am through the anabolic diet. I choose this diet because I have tried a lot of diets in the past and they just had no results so this one actually sounded good so im gonna give it a try!!!!

The main focus is also I am a college football player and got moved from free safety to strong safety and need to add on move muscle mass but I also want to get cut and lean on it to look good at the same time. Another reason I want to get lean cut ripped out of my mind in that I just got out of a relationship with someone for 2 years and would like to have some vindication (I know that is the lamest thing but you know what I went through a lot to so fuck off hahahah). I know most of you are familiar with the anabolic diet so I am not going to explain it. If you don?t know look it up on goggle.

So now this is the part where I track my progress of my weight muscle mass body fat and what I ate for the day.   I will try to post every day but if I neglect the site maybe once a week. So here it goes

What I ate today (I eat in two hour intervals and have roughly 5-6 meals a day)

Breakfast- 4 whole eggs 4 strips of bacon and a cup of tea with nothing in it

Five strips of roast beef with whole fat Swiss cheese water

Post work out- protein shake with water

About 5-8 rolls of sliced salami water

Dinner- steak sirloin about 9 ounces with steamed veggies and a tiny bit of A1 steak sauce (I had too only 8 gms of cabs in the A1)

Before I go to bed a protein shake with water and prob a cup of tea

All in all I didn?t really do the math but I know I kept my crabs for the day at or under 30 grams and that is where I need to be. The only other supplements that I am taking are a GNC multi vitamin and lipo 6 X and glutamine.

If you have any insight or advice you can give me please do thanks for checking this out comments are most welcome


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Don't worry dude. Crabs have no carbs, you can eat as much as you want


lol hope it was king crabs you ate


i guess i missed that i ment carbs lol and yes crabs kick ass lol


Doesn't look like enough fat.


Yeah, I'd say more fat. How many calories are you getting? How many do you need?

A little better punctuation, too. It took me a second to figure out what "sliced salami water" was.


aw damn I love slice salami water.

to the OP: Like everyone is sayin, more fat. If you don't, thats not good. Your muscles need some type of energy and you won't be getting much of it from carbs. Be sure to get the measurements right on what you need.

There was a debate for veggies on the AD but I can't find it. Ill post back if I do find it.


well grammar is not my strong point and really dont care much for it when i say "sliced" i mean lunch meat, deli sliced .As for uping my fat intake Im open for suggestions . this is what i had today

4 whole eggs and 5 strips of bacon, water

a turkey breast, water

2 hard boiled eggs with roast beef and salami

post workout protein shake with water

dinner two 90% protein 10% fat burgers with swiss cheese

before i go to bed another shake

as for my calorie intake i will get back to you tomorrow i will do it in my one class that i dont pay attention in it will give me something to do


Yes please post your calorie intake. That would be helpful. Make sure you know what nutients you have to get in a day, down to the gram.

Throw a tablespoon of olive oil in with a couple of meals.

I'd suggest with your turkey breast meal, that sounds really boring alone. Maybe with your 90/10 burger. Ill let you work that out.


you better not be eating burger buns, or else you are doing it ALL WRONG. unless the burger buns are made out of bacon.

But seriously axe the turkey breast, this is the anabolic diet, replace it with a steak or add some fats like peanuts.

Put cream/olive oil/both in your protein shake.

and calculate your macros, very important. And add some high fiber greens in there, spinach. And take an greens supplement (green+, vegegreens, superfood) you'll need the additional fiber, trust me.

Are you looking to cut, or build muscle. the amount you eat will vary greatly when you answer this question.


Superfood is great on the diet. I also took a fiber tab with my trial of the AD. All this just to keep the digestive system rolling. I didn't do much with veggies. myself.