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Tracking Mineral Levels on TRT

Some of us are having issues with elemental levels. I am hypocalcemic and whatever the word is for low zinc, Systemlord is anemic, I know there are others. Anyone been tracking that or have info on it? Are we causing issues or only exacerbating them?

Well iron deficiency can cause other deficiencies indirectly, one deficiency can cause another, iron deficiency can cause IBS (stomach & gut inflammation) which then could prevent your gut from absorbing other minerals such as potassium and vitamin D.

If your diet is crap and you are starting TRT with less than optimal mineral levels, problems are almost guaranteed. Almost everyone I know in my family eats lots of processed foods which are stripped of nutrients adding to future mineral deficiencies.

Holy crap @systemlord, I had no idea…I had been hospitalized twice in the last week, the 2nd time from blood loss from the original procedure. So much blood loss in fact that my hematocrit dropped from 50 down to 44, and my hemoglobin dropped from 17 down to 14.

My ferritin was 16 previous to all this so I can just assume I have no readable ferritin levels (or iron) to speak of right now.

And since this all happened, the hardest part of the recovery is my gut. My guts have been killing me and I haven’t had a normal bowel movement in over a week.

I believe I’ve had iron deficiency for the last 2 decades do a chronic cough, long term fatigue and another is very pale stool which goes back as far as I can remember. The chronic cough, pale stool, long term fatigue and IBS symptoms resolved shortly after starting iron supplementation.

I find out from my mother that she has iron deficiency, it runs in the family.

Iron at my lowest was 40, ferritin 24, MCH 26.6 (below range) and MCV 80 (bottom of range).


I’m currently taking a heme iron chelate (18mg) along with vitamin C. Is that enough or should I double it or more?

I just had them draw a magnesium lab to see if I was low like Physio states @NH_Watts

Interested in these results. Ive never been tested but 600mg a day is a tremendous help for me. It quells anxiety and negative ruminations. As a matter of fact I ran out of Mag Glycinate on Thursday last week and by Saturday morning I was a bit of a mess. Anxious and bitchy and fighting with my wife. It didnt help she was PMSing but lately I have been able to kind of blow off her attitude. I will still call her on it but won’t get pissed about it. Anyway, it took me until Sunday to realize what was up. I apologized to her and found a pharmacy while we were traveling and felt the calm wash over me about 3 hours after taking 750mg. It was a little more than I usually take but its dosed in 250mg gel caps. I haven’t had an episode since.

I have been playing with the glycinate. 400 did nothing for me, 800 mg (400/pill) actually helped my sleep (nothing affects my sleep, except the CPAP which actually makes it worse) for one night. Then nothing. I backed off the glycinate fr a few days and trieed 800 mg again, great effect, for one night. I’ve been taking it anyway for a week or so with no effect.

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My magnesium lab:

1.90 1.8-2.4

So it seems I am on the lower end. Every now and then I DO take 250-500mg Chelate before bed.

Physio said he has some guys at 1200mg or higher. He said the dose is based on resolution of symptoms.

I think I read that the glycinate absorbs better.

Whenever I have had those ruminating thoughts, negative vibes, I have tried magnesium, with some effect.

But I think what helps me more is tyrosine. I think I read somewhere where physio was telling someone to take tyrosine for anxiety (which I have) . If anyone knows what he said I would be indebted to you!.

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Good point for this thread: My sodium was low on my labs. Only by 1 point, but still . It was also the same on my last lab.

Has anyone tried the “salt before workout” routine? Considering trying it out. How much do you take?

Guess I need to salt my nightly eggs as well.

From Physio in regard to L-tyrosine, “It provides the raw materials to make dopamine and increase its uptake.”

I take 3 grams a day. It also crushes the negative feelings the day after alcohol consumption.

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Oh ok good to know. Just popped 1.5g a few mins ago… Seems to be a good dose for me

I HAVE had weird reactions to 2 grams before though. Like I was on speed.

EDIT: on another note, I have to be careful because a lot of tyrosine comes with b12 in it. Fuck my e2 right up.

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Well since its a dopamine precursor it makes sense. Too much dopamine can cause psychosis.

" Schizophrenia and Psychosis

According to the “British Journal of Nursing,” increased dopamine in the limbic system is linked to suspicious personality, paranoia and withdrawal from social situations. Drugs, such as amphetamines and cocaine, cause buildup of dopamine, which leads to drug-induced psychosis or schizophrenia. In Parkinson’s disease, dopamine-containing cells in the substantia nigra degenerate and die out. Parkinson’s disease patients who are treated with too much L-dopa, a precursor of dopamine, may experience psychosis similar to psychosis seen in schizophrenia."

I think it was more of the “dopamine” effect. Just as if I had done speed, my dopamine increased.

I wasn’t psychotic or anything, just high as a kite.

Basically it wasn’t “noticeable” until I layed in bed in a quiet room, and realized my brain was going 1000 MPH. I kinda laughed to myself and compared how I felt to speed. Got up out of bed and looked at my pupils, BLOWN. Huge . I was on one.

Edit: this was 2 grams on an empty stomach.

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Better lab is magnesium RBC .

measures the amount of magnesium in red blood cells rather than the magnesium in the blood serum . The RBC test is viewed as more accurate than the serum test because when you are deficient in magnesium, your body takes it from cells instead, therefore, making it highly detectable through an RBC. The RBC may indicate that these red blood cells are missing a healthy level of magnesium, meaning you may have a magnesium deficiency.

Me and my wife take glycinate. Wife was able to stop her acid reducer medication she took at night. So it help her night reflux.

It makes me dream…

Magnesium RBC, never heard of it. Ill ask for it next time.

Yeah. I asked my cardiologist for it… He never heard of it and thanked me for informing him. Lol

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