Track Your Wins 👊

Congrats on raising happy cats!! I just want to snuggle them so hard and that bowtie is way too cute! :heart_eyes_cat:

My one kitty plays fetch at least as enthusiastically as any dog. She’ll even take her string and drop it on our feet to get our attention.

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Playful cats are the best! They have the biggest personalities.

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From the pets thread-

“Well MY cat can fetch AND calculate cubic volumes!”. :rofl:

I kid. She just likes paper and often “helps” with homework.


Awwwwww well she certainly put a smile on my face! Give her snugs for me.

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We got 10-12 inches of snow Saturday through Monday, but since Tuesday it’s been in the high 40’s. It’s going away on its own. Win.

I’d take one more storm because it’s been a slow snow year, but I’m okay with moving into spring now.


High 40s?! I’m jealous! Definitely a win. Enjoy your balmy weekend. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just sitting here looking at that snow and thinking…
I got taters up and y’all still shoveling.


Yeah, but no bugs here yet!

That’s a lot of potatoes. Do you sell them, or they’re just your private stock?

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We didn’t have enough winter to even get rid of them this year :sleepy:

Not for sale. I will keep some and give some away, IF the deer don’t eat them first :joy::rage:


Successfully got the back patio clean - long overdue.

Some of my flowers are blooming already:


My son made a leprechaun trap. We’ll see if it works.


Ran my first cycle of 5/3/1 since freshman year. Added 90 lbs to my total, so I’m now sitting at 295 bench, 355 squat, 425 bench. Need to start running more…


Based on her most recent U16 results, there’s a pretty solid chance that my daughter will compete at the 2028 Olympics.


Which discipline?

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Apologies, but I’m not gonna divulge it because I’m not American and therefore she could be doxxed relatively easily.

And the last thing she needs are clickbait articles in four years’ time “While XYZ is set to make her Olympic debut in a few days, read up on some very unusual opinions her father voiced on a weightlifting forum”


Congrats! Thats a big proud Papa moment if ever there was one!

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Thanks man. Honestly, for me the most important thing is that she’s excelling at school.

There’s absolutely no pressure on her from our (parents) side but she’s got the passion, the drive and the difficult, super competitive character that she inherited from you-know-who.

We’re totally supportive but made it clear that’s it her decision all the way and that if she’d stop training tomorrow we’d be fully behind her. That’s not the optimal approach for athletic success but pushing her as parents into sacrifices that are required to be at the very top is a big no-no for us. Whatever happens happens, but at the moment we’re enjoying the ride.


I like that approach. Organic talent and refined skill. :+1:

I grew up around too many wrestling dads. Not mine, but a bunch of others.