Track Your Wins 👊

Hey T Nation community, what’s good!? Share your latest win! Let’s cheer each other on. Encouragement fires us up to achieve more and overcome hard stuff. And those who dish out the encouragement end up feeling good too. So spread the love.

Can’t think of any recent achievements? No worries. Wins include way more than PRs, so don’t overcomplicate it. Here are examples:

  • Improving a skill
  • Hitting your macros or step goal
  • Teaching your kid a lifting technique
  • Hiking a new trail
  • Mastering a recipe

Nothing is too big or small. Let us pat you on the back and get inspired by your achievements.


Ok. I’ll break the ice.

Teaching these two nuts to behave at feeding time was a big personal win.

They’re my neighbors, but I end up watching/doggy sitting every now & then .


Way to go!! And those puppers are so dang cute!! :heart_eyes:

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The big lab is a hug tackler. She loves everybody so much, thats the only way she can convey her exuberance.


My son, who is five, is devouring books and excelling at math. All that time we spent together is paying off.

I’m about to self-publish my first book.

I’m going to start working with a very promising new client.

It’s going to be my 10 year anniversary this summer. Might not sound like a win, but my father has been married 5 times, so I consider it a win that I learned as much from a bad example as a good one.

I broke some stuff yesterday. Trees, ceramics, a big rock. It was fun.

The MRSA infection I’ve been dealing with seems to be on track to heal.


She’s my kinda pup! :heart:

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What?! That’s amazing! Reading AND math? Maybe then he can can come teach me. I need all the help I can get. Ya’ll are fantastic parents!

WHAT?!!?!? I’m so excited for you! What genre? How did I not know this? More info!

Awesome to hear this! Hope it’s a good one!

Oh, that for sure sounds like a win! Any celebration plans? I regret not making a big deal out of our 10 year anniversary. We haven’t learned how to properly celebrate things. So I hope you two go all out.

That does sound like fun!

GOOD. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


One of my new year’s resolutions was to stop complaining about weather, and so far I think I haven’t indulged in it. If so, it’s been a rare occurrence.

This was a big problem when walking our dogs every day. I couldn’t control my thoughts or the dread of going out in the (sometimes) pitch black, icy mornings for 40 minutes with dogs who meander and sniff everything instead of walking forward with purpose.

So, in case this becomes a problem again, note to self on hating cold weather:

  1. Have hand warmers or “hot hands” packets ready. Frozen fingers hurt.
  2. Think of cold weather as training. Lean into the discomfort (barring potential hypothermia or frostbite).
  3. Shovel snow or take a hot shower before walking in the cold. Do something that will raise body temperature first.


My daughter is 3 and she knows her entire alphabet and can count to 100.

We read every night before bed for about an hour with my son also.

My son turns 2 in a few weeks and gave up his pacifier a month ago cold turkey and hasn’t asked for it since.

My children winning is the only winning I care about these days.


Definitely a small win, but I feel weirdly accomplished. After relying on dedicated rice steamers for years (and their possibly not-good-for-you nonstick coatings), I learned to make it with the classic method.

This works every time:


Your children winning is a reflection of your parenting winning! So way to go!!

That is some impressive discipline.

She’s so advanced and absolutely precious! :star_struck:

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I appreciate this win for multiple reasons. Your stovetop rice is killer! Also, we get to avoid the suspicious inner lining of the rice cookers that seems to scrape off over time.

My win for the day:

Stress/burst in an oil radiator.

Cleaned & prepped


Oil anything + aluminum is a giant pain in the butt, but this was about as painless & clean as possible. It held pressure & no bubbles, so :+1:Yay!


All my chickies look healthy and happy so far!


Now I understand your username.


That’s an amazing skill to have! Great win! :star_struck:

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Oh my goodness they’re soooooo cute! What an adorable win! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Today’s win: shoveling our sidewalk and the neighbor’s before dawn.


Thats awesome! :+1:

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My boys are just over 1yrs old. One of them plays fetch…the other watches, and wonders why (?).
Couldn’t get the vid to post.