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Track Workouts For Ages 10-14

What are some good resources for a beginning track and field coach?

Our team has three coaches and 50 athletes, 25 boys and girls ages 10-14. Any help would be much appreciated…


You absolutely must go check out Charlie Francis
web site. If you do nothing else, go there.
One-stop track and field shopping

Also, download Dan John’s free E-book.
It is about lifting, but has many good principles about organizing practice and physical and spirtual development

Check out www.oztrack.com. Steve Bennet, coach of the Flyers Track Team in AUS has some excellent ideas and several e-books. “Provide a WIDE VARIETY of stimuli.” Tudor Bompa also has some good stuff out. Keep it fun and keep challenging them. Have them challenge each other. Keep it short, entertaining, fast pace, and believe it or not INTENSE. Kids at that age are “wired” and can’t sit still, so take advantage of that. Good luck.


There is alot of good info on charlie francis’ site, there is also a lot of BS and posturing. If you know your stuff you’ll be able to sort out the good from the bad. Don’t ever question CF or his principles on his forum. Not much for 10-12 year olds though.