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Track workout.....

To the boys who helped me with my track questions on building an effective workout for off season track. So far so good and this is what I came up with after all your answers: Monday-Bench, shoulder press
Tuesday-Squat,deadlift=5,2,5,2/starts 10x20met.
Wedsnday-Jog, bike, or swim stretch very good
Thursday-Pull-ups, incline press/ speed drills
Friday-Power cleans/push press Abs everyday

So there it is. I welcome anyones two cents for it matters to me. It has been working so far, with strength gains, speed I feel it coming, but no times to show for it. I do have a concern though, Someone told me not to deadlift and squat on the same day, That brought some confusion to me. What do you guys think? any recommendations? changes? thanks

I’d move the deadlifts to Fridays workout and do them after the power cleans. Since you seem to be first and foremost a track athlete you might want to consider doing all your running and sprinting drills before you attack the weights…remember whatever you do first gets the most adaptation.

you could also do weights in the morning (sometimes) and then later that day do restoration runs. I believe Ben Johnson did that some.

Sorry, I missed the earlier post… what track & field event (or events) are you training for?

Your program looks good. Just be very careful to not put on excessive bodyweight. I used to run track, and got bit by the iron bug. I went from 135 lb to 160, and it hurt my progress. I ran a 4:36 mile, but if i had limited myself to about 150lb i would have had a good shot at breaking 4:30. Once you gain the weight it is hard to loose. My senior year I stopped all lifting to focus on track, and i only lost 2 lbs. focus on strength. not mass. there will be plenty of time to live large after your running days are over.

Thanks Kelly, Ill move my deadlifts to friday. Should I move the push press to tuesday, or what else should I do on my squat day?

I run the 100 and 200. My personal bests are 100=10.47 200=21.15 400=47.9 I came in fourth in the 200 and fourth in 100 in conference this year with a time of 10.61 and 21.55. My times dropped, my personal bests were my sophmore year. I to got hit by the weight bug, and did bodybuilder workouts. Which I think was the cause for my slowing down. Im 5’7’’ 163Lbs. Trying to get in the 150’s range and stay there. So, what do you guys think I should change and put in on my squat day since deadlift and squat together is to taxing? reverse hypers? snatch?

I’d go ahead and leave the push press where you have it now. Regarding the rep ranges and bodyweight gains as long as you keep the rep ranges around 5 any muscle mass you put on will be functional and help contribute to your speed. I’m assuming you’re a sprinter but if you were a mile runner then weight might be detrimental. For a sprinter added muscle mass is desirable as long as it comes with an increase in strength.

You can combine stiff-legged deads on the squat day, and put the bent-leg dead on another day. You might also look at front squat/stiff dead combo.

Those are some good times you got going there Willie!!..If you have access to a reverse hyper apparatus then by all means utilize it!! I’d do reverse hypers on both the squat and deadlift day…do them heavy for 6-8 reps one day and lighter for about 15 reps the next. Also make sure you really work on your flexibility. I think a lot of times when people slow down from doing bodybuilding type routines it’s because they gain a lot of muscle size but the range of motion shortens. You shouldn’t be doing bodybuilding type workouts anyway if you’re a sprinter but even then I think a lot of the slowing down effect could be eliminated by stretching. And if you follow a lower rep power type training routine and stretch well I can just about guarantee any size you gain will boost your speed. Here is a simple test you can do to make sure that your added strength is transferring to your speed…Find a dirt surface you can run on or any surface where you can see your footprints and run a 60-80 yard sprint as fast as possible. Next go from the start to the 40 yard mark (about where you hit your top speed) and measure the distance between the heel of one foot and the toes of the other. Make sure you run this sprint in normal fashion and don’t overstride. This distance between your feet will be your stride length…For a 5’7 individual over 17 yrs age your ideal stride length is between 81-89 inches. Ideally you’d measure it now and then measure it again in a month or so…if the distance is getting greater then you know you’re doing the right stuff…best of luck