Track sprinter and Mag-10

I have an sprinter who I’ve been training for track and field. So far so good, he competes in the all comers meets, just recently he has purchased three bottle of Mag-10 and would like to use it or them during his track season. He does not get tested since it’s an independent affair, so no problems in that aspect. How would you specialists prescribe him to go about using the Mag-10 to help him increase his speed?


Theres no reason really why he could’t use it the same way everyone else is. 1 dose per day 2 weeks on/2 weeks off with maybe a longer on period going into important competitions etc. The only thing is you might want to alternate the focus of his training with each phase for example. Focus 2 weeks hypertrophy/2 weeks off
2 weeks power/2 weeks off
2 weeks speed/2 weeks off
During his off weeks you’d just use a general overall balanced medium intensity program.