track Santa! check it out! you can follow santa’s flight live!

You are such a girl. No guy would post this. Of course, I checked it out. Recc for those with little ones. Lots of Santa info.

um…yes, last time i looked, i AM a girl. there are also many people on this forum who have children, and i just posted the same link on my company’s website (at the request of one of the partners) laugh and dammit, i thought it was cute. oh and by the way, i’m a girl who spends her early mornings doing squats, deads, and skull crushers… so i’m not all that bad!

OH NO!..Someone do something quick! The site shows Santa being spotted at Frank’s Chicken Ranch out in Nevada. Boy, he and his little ruffians sure are raising bloody Hell. This site contains some of most perverted pictures I have ever seen. How can that many people possibly…0opps…never mind. In the future, I will have to type in my web addresses more carefully. Sorry for the inconvenience :o)

When I was a tike my Old Man used to tell me that when Santa showed up on Christmas night he was going to shoot down his sleigh with a 12 guage. This tracker would have probably made it possible. Thank heaven the Internet showed up after Dad mellowed. Then again, it WOULD have been fun to loot that sleigh…

P.S. Michelle, please tell me more about the skull crushers…slowly.