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Track Meet, Question About Shoes


They hold a “school games” here and I have been asked to participate in the 100 and 200m dashes (among other things).

So, they gave me a pair of sprinting shoes with removable metal spikes on the bottom and different sizes of spikes. The shortest appear about 1/16" and the larger ones appear to be roughly 1/4".

Which ones should I use?



How is the track? Outdoor? Good surface?

I ran track in high school which was 15 years ago so I am not an expert. That being said I used longer spikes on the rubberized tracks and shorter spikes on the harder asphalt like tracks. The reason for shorter spikes on the hard tracks is that the longer spikes won’t dig in all the way so you would be running in the tips of the spikes. The longer spikes worked well on the rubberized tracks because the tracks were porous and the shorter spikes wouldn’t dig in far enough to get good traction.

[quote]jsbrook wrote:
How is the track? Outdoor? Good surface? [/quote]

From what little I know it’s outdoors and packed dirt. AT first glance (i’ll be test sprinting today), it appears to be not too well taken care of and hopefully they will fix it up by Friday.