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Track & Field Cutting Diet & Program


Well, track season began this week, and obviously since I'm posting about it, I'm running.

I'm doing shot-put as well as the 400m.
My coach alternates between hard/easy recovery days, so at least he's relatively edumacated as opposed to those coaches who run hard everyday.

Anyway, the past 4 weeks I have been using T-dawg 2.0 diet frames, keeping carbs under 125/100 on workout/nonworkout days because I was doing cardio almost everyday to get in shape for track. I've lost 6 lbs, and I cant see any muscle loss yet, but these past few days I've upped my carbs to about 250 since I'm running for about an hour a day.

Does anyone have any ideas on what my protein/carbs/diet splits should look like? Any previous experience?

I'm 176 now, started dieting at 182.

Also, any suggestions on a workout program? I've suggested to the throwing coach that we incorporate oly lifts into the week, and he said he'd look into it.

I was thinking something like 2 compound movements on a monday/wednesday/friday split using 3x3 or 3x5 or 5x3 rep schemes.



Wow. We always had the throwers and runners practice/work out completely seperate. Basically unheard of for someone to compete in both categories.

Id say if he tosses in the oly lifts, it'll help with throwing as well as the running, but im sure you're doing massive amounts of running along side it all anyway...

Experts will chime in, but id be concerned about calories/cutting while doing track. Pay good attention to nutrient timing and keep upping calories to keep up with calories expended and the fat should come off. Best of luck Bro.


Why are you dieting while in-season?


Right. You shouldn't be. And shouldn't be restricting carbs either. Just eat healthy and train hard.


Nothing wrong with trying to drop fat in-season. Depending on how much fat your are carrying it may be preferable.


I know... I'm the only one on the team who does that. I alternate track vs throwing workouts dependind on days and intensities.

My throwing coach knows I have the speed and power to throw, I just need to learn technique in the shotput.

I understand that. Thats why I upped my carbs back up to 250 g a day this week.

I've been dieting the past 4 weeks.

I want to have a 6 pack by summer, since I've never had one, and now that I have the discipline to count carbs (my body hates carbs, similar to CT) I feel like I can.

BTW, track was more of a last minute decision to see if the cardio would help lose fat, I'm not very competetive. Not yet at least, I have potential to be (at a high school level) as I ran a 58 second 400 freshman year. Im hoping to run a sub 55 this year.


And right now I'm at about 14%, although thats just a guesstimate.


I have seen throwers compete in the 100 and shorter distances, and of course a decathlete is going to be doing a little of everything, but this is the first time I've ever heard of a shot-putter competing in the 400 as well.

How do you define a typical "hard" and "easy" day?


dieting in season is god awful, low carbs is the worst thing ever. Maybe up your cardio and time your meals better? Less carbs late in the day, lower carbs on any off or light days (by lower I mean maybe 30-60g). Its what I am gonna do now that rugby season has started, wanna lean out just a bit so I have less excess weight on me when I am trampling up and down the pitch for 80 minutes every saturday.



High intensity, or high volume. Ladders, sprints, or distance intervals.


low intensity at all time, usually 20 minute jog. Jog a lap, walk a lap.. easy recovery stuff.

Throwing hard: Use 12lb balls to practice technique and strength/speed/power. Lift weights.

Throwing easy: 8lb ball to practice on form, no weights.