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Track Cyclist Here, Help?

Hi, my name is Allan, im 15 and live in Ontario Canada. I am currently Track Cycling at the FCV (Forest City Velodrome) and im looking to improve my leg strength significantly. I am 5’11, 174lb, and i think im sitting around 14% body fat. I am working out with the senior foot ball team at my high school, and im squating 225 10 reps 3 sets.

Im starting to get into full squats, Gord Singleton advised me that they are great for cylcing. (i am able to do them properly, i am fairly flexible, i used to be into martial arts) I have been using 135lb for the full squats. I have also been doing single leg squats (Pistols, by Steve Cotter) with 20lb DB’s in each hand. I am doing hamstring curls with 60lb, walking lunges with 40’s in each hand and some calf raises, but not many of them.

Am i on the right path? I add weight every 1-2 weeks or so. This is all training for Houston Texas in April, and Nationals in July. I might start running too…

Tips would be greatly appreciated!