Track Athlete Looking to Build Mass

21 years old at 5’8", 155 pounds, and just got tested in a bod pod that said I was 9.6% body fat. One year ago I was a division II cross country/track athlete, and now I’m looking to build some muscle. All feedback welcome, good and bad!

Last year when I was in season I was 135 pounds and about the same body fat%

So in a year you put on 20 pounds of pretty much all muscle? That’s ideal. You’re still lean-ish (ignoring the bodyfat measurement, just going by the pics), so I’d stay mostly on track (no pun intended) and keep doing what you’re doing.

What’s your training and diet look like?

How’re your legs? I’m hoping you’re training them seriously and not using “I used to run, so they’re already well built” as an excuse.