Track and Field: Sprinting-Specific Cycle Advice?

Hi All,

I am a novice track sprinter looking to become more serious moving forward (I.e. next few seasons)

About me:

  • 25 years old
  • serious about weight training (bodybuilding) ages 18 to 21
  • have undertaken sprint training for the last 18 months (approx.) under coaching guidance
  • have never cycled before…
  • macros are fairly on point, diet about 7/10 clean

I am a 400m sprinter shifting down to 100m/200m training. The CNS demands are a lot higher with the shorter sprints hence re-igniting my desire to hop on the gear to help my progress and recovery.

A typical week of training is: 3x track sessions, 2x gym sessions per week (gym on the same day as track). I take a full day of recovery between sessions in my current program to avoid injury

I have to be in peak performance for competition in approximately 12-14 weeks time. Possibility of drug testing if I progress fast enough. Would likely be urine test. Test would be after competition has taken place.

I am thinking of running a generic cycle as per stickies:
W1-10 test e 300mg weekly 2x per week
W1-8 test prop 300mg week EOD
W1-12 adex 0.25mg EOD (still deciding if this will be included or will keep handy for symptoms)
W13 40mg Nolva
W14-16: 20mg Nolva

Would I be able to keep a high performance and still pass any testing by finishing test e cycle 2 weeks before competition, or test prop 1 week before competition?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

So correct me here if I’m mistaken, but urine tests are more limited in their scope than blood tests would be, correct? In other words, WADA tests for the ratio between test:epi test and there’s an acceptable range that athletes can fall under. But I don’t know what urine can show as far as test levels/exogenous test use. You should look into that before doing anything else.

But more to the point, wouldn’t running require you to be fast and light? And even a reasonable amount of test is going to cause retention of water and glycogen, making you heavier. I don’t know the demands of a sprinter, but I can imagine lighter is better.

But this is your world, so you tell us what’s needed.

Ben Johnson got busted for Winstrol. Dude was pretty fast.

I agree with iron that test may cause to much weight gain (water weight).

not interested in helping someone trying to beat drug tests.


Malva… Pudding