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Track and Field athletes

I was curious if anyone in here competes or has competed in track and field. I currently am a collegiate Javelin thrower and I am looking for any kind of tips or tricks anyone might have. I would especially like to here from any javelin throwers if that is at all possible.

I occasionally train with a guy that is a javelin thrower. Was there an international meet earlier this year for people under 20 or something? Well while he isnt one to brag and im not one to flatter anyone with questions the local newspaper said that he came fourth making him the fourth best in the world for that age group or someshit. He does a bunch of power snatches, power cleans and variants (from the hang etc), benches, he also does alot of other movements as well. But never really seen him do much isolation work. Have seen him do tricep extensions though. Some of them are kinda crazy movements Ive never seen before and dont know the name of, some are specific to javelin and some are ment for general/core conditioning. A fair bit of ab work also. He does this exercise where he holds a weight plate out infront of him you would if you had just done a front raise with a 45 lb plate. Then he steps forward swinging it to one side. Steps forward swinging it to the other side. He emphasises the placement of the foot also. That one is for general core rotational strength. And another one where he kinda holds a dumbell and throws it back over one shoulder as he turns into it then in a modified javelin action extends his arm. That is a more specific exercise. As for actual throwing practise i dont really have a lot of info. I know he practise alot on technique (yeah like you didnt know that already) but I think his coach said something about training both arms to get some kind of neural cross over.

Hey Chris I appreciate the reply. Alot of those lifts follow the same guidelines that I do. Anyway does your friend ever come on the message board? Also can you find out how far he throws and what his clean, snatch and bench maxs are. Anyway I would appreciate any more info if not what you have given has been great. Thanks again.