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Track and Diet Problems


Well, I just started winter track, and it pretty much sucks. I have about 5 minutes to eat breakfast in the morning at 6:30, and then my next meal is at 12:00, and it's whatever crap the school is serving. Then, I have track after school, and I get home at 5, where I have to eat whatever is being made for dinner that night.

You see, unless I drop out of school (not happening), I have very little control of my diet. I haven't made any weight gains since summer (and little strength gain, if any). What am I supposed to do about this? It just makes me feel so lost and unmotivated.


You're gonna have trouble putting on weight running track regardless. However, there is plenty you can do. You can wake up earlier to make sure you have time for breakfast. You can pack some food to snack on during breaks between classes and before your second track practice. You can pig out at lunch. You can have 2 meals at night instead of just dinner.

Hopefully that gives you enough ideas.


Im in the same boat your in buddy, i myslef a senior in highschool just started the wonderful conditioning for spring track...

In our case bro we have to be more time manageable meaning get up early and get a good breakfast, i get up at 5:00 am and leave school for 7:00 trust me i get my breakfast in. During those two hours i fix 2 or even meals throughout today consistsing of a protein bar for about 8:00 sometimes a lunch depends what the school's cook got for the day and before we hit the track at 230 i take a drink some whey ihave in a bottle from my house.. then unfortuantely we got in our distance run then directly after that hit the weights, i knwo thats not a good combination..

anyway point being get up early and take control of eating..trust me its the only way to succeed in a sport like ours with so little time .


Try JB's supershake. It's all over his website and this one - search the Author's Locker Room for a post about it. For your second meal, I'd simply hard boil 3 - 6 eggs the night before, carry along a piece of fruit, and some mixed nuts and you've got a solid two meals that'll fill you up. The shake is great because of it's portability - it's a staple in my routine these days, as I have a similar schedule to yours.


Take a power bar to school if you have to.


Yo usay you have very little control over your diet... though this is obviously true, it isnt due to your situation but your actions.

wake up early and eat breakfast and pack a lunch and something for after school... simple easy and solves the majority of your problems.

This isnt rocket science