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Track again?

Another question about track guys, sorry but the absence of a strength coach at school hurts. So after reading a little of Tudor Bumpas periodization book I need to figuere this out: When should I do my short sprint work at maximal speed and how often if my schedule with lifting is like this: Monday=squat, push press, bench, triceps Wedsnday=power cleans, reverse hypers, pull-ups, biceps
Friday=snatch, front squats, deadlift, shoulder press, lateral raises. abs every day
So on what days should I sprint and what days should I tempo work? Oh im a 100 and 200 meter sprinter in the offseason. Sorry if this is just elementary but its the only way I’ll feel confident in my training for this is the only place I trust for my training info. thanks

Go through the previous issues and look for the 2nd installment of Ian Kings question of power. It is somewhere between the 38th and 100th issue. In this issue you should find the answer to your question.

ok my new recomendation is go get the sprinting book by Dr. Yessis. It can be bought at EliteFts (dave tates place).

I’m not a sprinter my any means and I don’t know much about training them, but the fact that your lower back is getting worked every weights session seems like it could hinder your running. I know my lower back can take a while to heal, and when I used to run a lot, if my low back was tired, I was in a world of hurt. I don’t know if this affects you, it’s just something I noticed.

That was perfect Ive been looking for something exactly like what Ian King diagramed in the Question of power column, thanks a lot that helped extremely. Now just for that secure feeling what exactly do you guys think he means by “20 min. start” and “20 min. drill”? thanks a lot.

By 20 min starts I am assuming Mr. King means doing “things that will help your start” and the start itself…Do some starts and maybe some plyometric drills that work on your start.
In 20 min. drill I would emphasize form running and quick feet drills, high knees, butt kicks, kariokas, etc…things that help your technique without overloading your body with too much intensity.

Just to echo Saiyan’s comment: too much lower back work! In my off-season (uk: Winter) programme I made deadlifts, back squats and power cleans the focus of my Mon, Wed, Fri workouts in turn - a little like you have - but coupled with the inevitable push presses etc, found I needed to group exercises a little more carefully becuase I began to build too much fatigue in my lower back and backside.
Personal opinion may dictate how you get round this, but my solution was to perform deadlifts on squat day. Naturally as time progressed the exact techniques varied (stances etc), and I also swapped orders around as well. Whilst this made for a tough workout (I didn’t do much else that day!), it freed up some time on Wednesday’s workout where I could fill in the gaps.
You also appear to have alot of delt work all the way through the week: Push presses on Mon, Cleans on Wed, Presses AND raises on Fri. Following cleans with push presses on the same day would do - forget the rest - this is construction not destruction!
Have fun :slight_smile:

Oh! To answer your question: one max speed speed session every 7-10 days in the depth of your off-season should suffice. With your current schedule though, it’ll be hard to find a day when your legs are fresh enough to bother though…