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Trace Carbs


The more articles I read it sounds as if bodybuilders do not include any of the green veggies in there daily allotment of carb content. Would this be an accurate assessment? I feel foolish now after busting my ass trying to figure out how many carbs were in various salads.


yeah man, most of the carbs are fiber anyways, and whatever's left is so little its practically irrelevant. Just relax and eat as many green veggies as you want, cutting or bulking.


Man, there's no way I could have gotten in contest shape without just glossing over the 'carbs' in lettuce and broccoli. I'm sure if I was counting them, I would have had a few hundred grams even on my low carb intake day! They were the only things keeping me kinda sane and not gnawing my own arm off :slight_smile:



I kind of feel like this is where common sense comes into play. It's never been the broccoli that made people fat...


Thanks for shedding some light on that.

After reading Thib's carb cycling article that made me curious, I imagine he includes the small amount of fats in his high carb meals on his daily total. Although he did say divide, your daily allotment over three meals:

"Fat is ingested in 3 of the 6 meals and it should be equally divided among them. So if you have to consume 100g of fat, this comes up to 33g of fat in each of the 3 meals."

On another note, Thibs recommends All-Bran. I have always strived to avoid HFCS. I use Nature's Path Oatbran with flax and omega 3, I am not certain the exact GI rating of mine although it does not contain rolled oats so I imagine it is reasonably low


I realize this, although I the way I've looked at is that each calorie counts and the word trace carbs caught my eye just recently. I hope you can see where I am coming from.