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TPS Method Program I started

i’m 5’8 208 just started the total performance sports Method Program,starting with learning the warm-up,so I’ll be going in 20 min , early once I know it.their one of the top gym’s in Boston area. they’ll teach me all correct form with a coach there with us.I’ll get my strength back and put on some muscle.

2nd day was still learning the warm-up various body weight squats,prisoner Cossack,jumping jacks,prone cobra etc.work a little on form of shoulder press and kettle bell swings.the first weeks all testing, body comp,body fat %,general health forms,goals etc,I think it’s good because since i had my left lung removed because of cancer,then tearing my distal bicep tendon I really haven’t workout seriously since my cancer ordeal back in oct of 2015, so my mobility, cardio endurance, and strength are all weak.

can’t wait to get my body fat tested, I hope i can get to 10% body fat thats one of my goals we’ll see what the say,another goal is to get jacked we’ll see if this is possible, I guess everything depends on my body fat test, the’ll use calipers so it should be pretty accuret , I’m probably around 20% maybe 18% body fat.all my fat is in the abdominal region, it seems to be more visceral fat,my goals are again drop body fat,regain my strength, put on muscle,improve general health, increase flexibility and mobility.I’ll post the results of my appointment.

Went to the testing meeting, so I’ll be training moderate at first learning technique etc, goal is fat loss at first because i’m 27% body fat going for 15% body fat,
the workout was deadlifts,then a circuit o goblet squat,russian twist,and planks for 10 min, finally the prowler

1st day of week 2 did a long warm-up. then squata ,box squats,and wall squats.then practice the russian get up, finished with a circuit of pull up , jumping jacks. and crunches.and cool down.

on my off day did some BB complexes, pushed the prowler,then walked a mile on an incline.back is still sore hopefully tomorrow will be better.

fri week 2, day 3
worked on deadlifts .
l did sets of 3 finished with 3 sets @ 155, the program is all technique so far, and a lot of GPP,today we pushed the prowler with a wide base to really hit the glutes and hamstrings, then came the cook hip lift, last was spider mans we did this 4x.