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TPP/NPP Questions

Little back history, avid lifter for 20 years. Ive Been doing 2 cycles per year of sustanon @ 500mg / week and deca @ 400mg / week for about 10 years. Always got pretty good results.

I did a lot it research on TPP and NPP and decided it sounded ideal for a leaner gain but in second guessing my decision. I may just be impatient so bare with me here.

I feel the injection literally an hour after I take it. My dick starts to tingle (yeah I know) and I get a rush of energy. Problem is typically after about 2 weeks of sust/deca I feel AND see it. Strength and musculature.

I’m just not seeing the gains with this stuff. Its Test so I thought the gains would come sooner, but its only been 2 weeks.

Is it possible that I have become accustomed to this dose and should increase (I have 10 bottles of each so I’m good there). I dont know much about deregulation of androgen receptors but is it possible that its just a matter of higher dose or is there a way to re set my receptors?

I got my gear from a rep source and already did one early this year…nice fat loss decent gains. I doubt it’s bunk…but could be.

Here is what I am doing
TPP @150MG EOD total of 550-600mg weekly
NPP @100mg EOD total of 300-400mg weekly
No gyno issues at all with this stuff so no AI

I eat a ton, mostly yams, chicken breast, broccoli, asparagus, cottage cheese (@ night), oats, whey protein, apples, walnuts, almonds, avocado, egg whites, powder PB, tuna, Turkey, a little fillet (watching cholesterol down from 220 to 123)

I’m on a 4 day split
Chest, tris, calfs
Back, bis, abs
Legs, abs
Shoulders, calfs

Thinking of going to
Upper, abs
Lower, calfs
Repeat (with different exercises)

My goal is quality lean mass, fat reduction…not looking to be the 300lb beast I was at 27 (38 now)

6ft6 currently 260lbs
BMI is 17.03%

Again I may just have to be morr patient…seems harder to gain lean mass as I get older.

I feel great, all bloods look good and no health issues

If you read this far, I appreciate you


Be patient my friend. NPP works fast, but the gains are not immediate. For whatever reason NPP is a lot less wet than deca—which makes no sense but that’s what user experience tells us—and you’re not going to get that huge rush of water retention right away. It’s only been two weeks, so don’t worry just yet.

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Thanks man