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TPP Backload: ED or EOD

Hi Tnation,

Another question for you guys here. I want to backload my cycle (Testosterone Cypionate, 260mg E3D or ~600mg week for 12 weeks). with TPP for an additional 2-3 weeks. I have a speadsheet that helps me get the right dosages for average blood levels to stay steady between injections, so that’s not the issue. The actual injection frequency is the issue. I’m looking to keep the TPP weekly doseage at 600mg (with some cyp still in my system the first 2 weeks factored in; spreadsheet handles this), and I’m wondering if anyone thinks injecting this EOD will have my blood testosterone levels swing too much. With my current schedule for Cyp, the peak blood level of testosterone is ~68mg and it drops to ~53mg before the next injection 3 days later. With TPP EOD, the peak level is ~86mg and drops to ~39mg before the next injection 2 days later.

I don’t know what to make of these swings, if they will have me feeling funny, or if I will need an AI, or if it doesn’t matter. I want to do this in order to get some benefit out my last few weeks of the cycle instead of feeling low just waiting for the cyp to clear out. I will also be using some HCG to get my balls back before moving into PCT. I am not all that concerned with the “gains” these last few weeks. I just dont want to feel funny or hurt myself.

Some added info: I haven’t used and AI this whole cycle(except for the first week to try it) and have had no estro related sides that I can tell. Currently 7 weeks in from first pin and I feel great and have made good gains.

Thanks for the help, I always get great answers here.

You can absolutely pin TPP eod and not notice any real swings.

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Thank you my man